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Greetings, dear readers. Today we have a Jubilee Newsletter and we decided to celebrate it by not writing news digest and by giving some money to our...

Greetings, dear readers. Today we have a Jubilee Newsletter and we decided to celebrate it by not writing news digest and by giving some money to our regular readers. We congratulate everyone with 100th release of HYIPNews.com Newsletter ;)

If you want to know what we published last week, you will have to look for it in our archive. You can find a calendar on the right (on this page) with all dates when we published news. You can use keywords or search bar to find information about the program you are interested in. Another option is to add program's domain name after this link /news/ and you will immediately see all the news about it.

If you want to get a prize, you have finally got to the main part of the Jubilee Newsletter. Now we will tell you how you can get a prize but first of all why. The thing is that high-yield investments is a very dangerous field and it is not easy to make money in it, even though HYIP admins say otherwise. We believe that information is a tool and it becomes easier to earn with its help. We also believe that it is much more difficult to lose money using this tool. That's what HYIPNews.com is about. Therefore our loyal readers are highly respected,appreciated and loved and these prizes are primarily for them.


$5 will be sent to the first 10 LibertyReserve accounts, posted in the comments to this news. Only those accounts of HYIPNews.com members, who registered before October 15, 2010, have at least 25 posts on the forum, are not in the group Posting Robot and don't have warnings will be accepted. I suppose it is obvious that you can get only $5 to one registered account.


Of course, we are aware that our forum is just an additional tool of our site and many of you who already have 25 posts don't come here very often. Therefore, we do not limit this campaign in time! It will last up until we have 10 winners. And you have a chance to win even if you are reading this news a month later after it was published (if there is no message that the campaign is over).

Just keep in mind that the posts made after October 15 (meaning today) will be checked very carefully and all meaningless comments will be mercilessly deleted. Reports on payments will not be counted so the easiest way is to start commenting our news :) And once you've reached 25 posts, you should post your LibertyReserve here and you will be rewarded.

We are confident that any work deserves reward, even if the prize is symbolic. And we believe that the investment world should be more fair. Therefore, if you're the lucky one who is reading this news now, it is great. No matter what kind of bad experience you've had, now you have a real chance to earn in HYIP industry. If you have not registered on our website yet or can not obtain 25 posts, do not worry. Simply write a comment under this news that you would like to earn and we will think about how to make it possible. That's what we actually do here every day ;) Do not think that opportunity is lost ... because this is just the beginning.

Keep your eyes open and good luck.
See you next week.
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We do everything for your success.
HYIPNews.com Team


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