Updated: 04/26/2010 13:08
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Manor Trust in its latest newsletter informs that the program invested 650000 USD into a Southeast Asian tech company

Manor Trust ( in its latest newsletter informs that the program invested $650,000 into a Southeast Asian tech company. The administration announces that Live Chat is available on to support the program's members. Here is the newsletter:

Manor Trust invests in new southeast Asian tech
Manor Trust has commenced a new investment into the Southeast Asian market. A sum of $650,000 has been invested into a new and budding Southeast Asian tech corporation that provides connector cables for several mobile phones on the market.

President of Manor Trust, Timothy Alexander, has stated, “The southeast Asian corporations providing small parts for mobile phones is one of the largest growing sectors in southeast Asia. Small parts are sold in quantities of millions to much larger corporations providing the majority of mobile phones globally”.
Stay tuned to Manor Trust's weekly profit update at the end of this week. We have LIVE CHAT Support agents standing by on the website for any of your investor needs.

Manor Trust also announced a bonus promotion for new deposits through April 30th, 2010:

For new deposits of at least $500 (2.4% daily interest 7 days a week), a 5% deposit bonus will be added to your account.
For deposits into our Chairmans Circle ($10,000+ at 2.8% daily interest 7 days a week) a 8% deposit bonus will be added to your account.

An additional note, has updated its DDOS protections. Now all who have access problems are welcomed to send their IP address to the program's support and it will be added to a white-list so you may access the website.

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