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Reprints/Permissions  Hyip Monitor is a new focus of our regular short program review. The program is quite new and fresh, and looks interesting, so going deep inside is a new focus of our regular short program review. The program is quite new and fresh, and looks interesting, so going deep inside to explore the opportunity would become interesting for lots of investors.
Judging from the program website news section, online history of the program goes back to a couple of months ago, however, it appeared in sight of the HYIP participants a couple of weeks ago. One of the program advantages, which becomes obvious just after you open the program site is the site design, which is quite light and clear, and attractive. It represents all necessary options and it does not look excessive, everything that can be needed is at hand on demand. There is also a detail that is not usual for HYIP and which draws attention as well - program has Twitter account, and interested investors may try to use it as an alternative way of communication with the program administration.

The program is equipped with Comodo 2048-bit SSL encryption and DDoS protected Server with Dragonara. As soon as administration positions the project as Forex and sport arbitrage trading there is much additional information on these specific trading opportunities on the program website. Forex charts are available here. Besides, there is an educational section with manuals touching upon the peculiarities of online investment. In short, the site is simple, user-friendly and informative at once. Online contact submission form and online support are the options offered as the way to communicate with the program administration.

Speaking about investment plans of, it should be mentioned that their scheme is different from usual payment schemes among HYIP programs. There is a pay day once in a month for all investors, regardless of the start of the investment period. Interest rates are variable, and may fluctuate within the limits set for each separate plan. Compounding option is not available for all plans and principal is returned for all plans after the end of the investment period.

Silver plan starts with $10 up to a maximum of $500. This plan has a 30 day term and pays investors up to 4% weekly. This plan is positioned as testing, due to its short investment period in comparison to other plans.

Gold is set for 150 days investment period, with minimum of $501 up to a maximum of $5000. Maximum weekly rate may reach 6%. Platinum plan requires minimal investment of $5001 and with a maximum of $20,000 for 150 days and brings investors up to 8% weekly.

Diamond plan is the last one, with minimum deposit of $20,001 and maximum of $100,000 for 150 days.

Obviously, most attention will be paid to Silver and Gold plans, especially unless the program is well-known and trusted. Those who are considering the possibility to make an investment here should remember that 2% is charged for a fee to cover expenses of the program.

For payment option program investors may choose between LibertyReserve and GlobalDigitalPay, which cannot be treated as a wide choice, however which would probably satisfy the needs of a larger part of the audience. Generally, the program makes quite a pleasant impression and may have good results in case they have serious intentions of staying here for a long period of time.

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