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Despite the fact the Stauncfinances ( Stauncfinances ) currently faces problems with processing payouts to its existing members,...

Despite the fact the Stauncfinances (staunchfinances.comStauncfinances) currently faces problems with processing payouts to its existing members, the program's latest newsletter looks very promising and encouraging:

“Dear members, Good day everyone! A new week starts and I’m pretty excited! Why you may ask? Well, it’s our program’s first month anniversary on Friday the 21st! Many thought I can’t do it. I proved them wrong and I will continue proving them wrong in the many months ahead.
I just have a few things to mention that I think is worth knowing.

1. Since the 21st is a Friday, the daily payments in calendar days technically STARTS TODAY! From now on, you will receive earnings on both the high- and low-ROI plans daily including Saturdays and Sundays. High-ROI plan is still paid on expiry though.

2. We decided to disable deposits on Global Digital Pay (GDP) since nobody uses them anyway. I’ve had two deposits from one member using that processor since the beginning. It will be enabled again once they get competitive with the other processors and if the demand gets high.

3. I’ve been monitoring our Alexa ranking since the beginning, on our second day online, we were at rank 1,732,614. It slowly got better and better each day and currently, we are at rank 71,965 (yesterday was 74,902). That’s way better than many blogs, forums and/or monitor ranks! Thank you for all your support! Here’s the link to Alexa for you to check out –

4. I’ve given you 2 out of the 3 huge surprises already. I was ready to give you the other one but circumstances happen and it’s not going to happen anytime soon. I am going to tell you what it is though. We were ready to implement the credit card deposit option (with very minimal and competitive fees!) on the site but I received an email that my application was later denied due to some complaints they received from other cc merchants regarding our industry. Now I am back to square one on my application with another merchant. I apologize to all those who would love and have waited for this feature implemented.
That’s about it for now! For our new members, I am hoping that you’ll read some of my previous newsletters to understand some of the things I mentioned here. You can find the link at the bottom of our main page.
Thanks and have a great week everyone! Brent”.

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