Updated: 05/25/2010 10:05
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Here are several important advices for newbies on how not to waste your money in hyips and, perchance, even hit the jackpot. To make money online you always need to learn more and more. So, here's the first lesson.

  • As in the case of hyips you're dealing with badly questionable field, there are no any top dogs, who can advice you reliable hyip and you may follow their steps. There is no any reliable hyip and even exp'd soldiers may do amiss.
  • You're responsible for your moves. If you loss - you're the one to be blamed. You gave your money to a faker, better keep your nerves - "A miss is as good as a mile".
  • Do not believe to the popcorns of hyips site-administrators. All they want is to make an impression of real businessmen, who are making money on forex, betting etc. Actually they're just pyramid-makers.
  • The older is hyip - the bigger is chance of closing in future. If you didn't make your commitment at the start of project - you're risking! For knowing the start date it's not enough just to see "about" or main page of hyip - it can be lie, better to watch "whois" data (besides, you will know where's domain and who is the owner, but it is still not always the truth).
  • Do not invest all your money at one, exact hyip! Better do it on several (diversification).
  • Do not use "compound" investment before you do not take your revenue. (Compound investment - reinvestment of interests without withdrawal).
  • If you're choice of money, than hyip is not for you. "It's no use crying over split milk" - better to believe you lost your money while investing, you would feel much satisfaction on revenue.


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