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Yesterday we got the latest update from Private Diamond Club ( which became some sort of surprise as we actually didnt expect to hear...

Yesterday we got the latest update from Private Diamond Club ( which became some sort of surprise as we actually didn't expect to hear from this program any more. I don't mean we though it was closed but judging from the quality of our communication which is actually very poor I was almost ready to forget about Private Diamond Club. And this latest newsletter didn't change anything as it is as lengthy as most of their previous messages and doesn't show any signs of administration going to change their attitude to the program's members. Instead of writing these long detailed messages they had better replied one of our numerous letters or at least informed on some technical issues with their mail or something.

Yet we get what we get – another long and empty newsletter about diamond trading journeys, changing layouts, promises of new updates and so on. I was interested in only two things from this update. First is new investment plans which are again to be introduced some day in future, and the second is the program's complex and doubtful offer of selling certificates on rough gemstones as part of their new Fixed Term Trading Plan. Everything is very complicated and muddy about these certificates and personally I don't believe this is the best and easiest option to earn profit in HYIP industry nowadays. Anyway I'm offering you to read the following newsletter in full to form your own judgment of the program and its offers:

Hello Private Diamond Club members and friends,

Today, is the 1st of July. I am Lars, and I hope you did not forget about me. As you see the promised new layout takes longer than planed, but it will be ready within the next week. Our head of trading is coming back from his trading journey in 2-3 days and you may saw we removed the direct investment option.

For all who are not familiar with us, we had some changes. I am working in the mineral business very successful since 2006 together with my main business partner, our head of trading, who is the Democratic Republic of Congo at the moment. The trade is bigger than our last trades and it takes long because a law in Kenya regarding rough gemstones changed. So we need to change the papers and our head of trading had to get new papers for the export to Kigoma. We have 7 employees and members worldwide. Our club members are individuals who have an appetite for investing in the uncontrolled diamond market to generate a regular, safe and a real extra income.

With our new layout also our new investment plans will come. The minimum investment will be US$100 and later US$250. And we will offer up to 5.0% weekly or 25.0% monthly profit! We also offer a new so called "Fixed Term Trading Plan".

If you want to invest in a solid structure that offers regular and secured returns, the Private Diamond Club Limited is still the best choice!

The new Fixed Term Trading Plan is different from normal investment plans. You need to be verified to invest and own your own rough stone (or part of it, depending on the carats)
Example: You buy a trading partnership certificate (in carats) from us. One certificate is valued US$500 and only available if you buy it using WU, Bank wire, Cheque or via Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard, no debit cards or gift cards). You will own your own rough diamond (or part of a diamond) after a trading journey. You can sell the certificate back to us anytime. During the journey it will bring you the lowest profit. After the journey you can sell the certificate with a higher profit, or you wait until our partners made out of the rough stones a piece of art and you will earn the highest profit. In your member area you will see the current value of your certificate (updated every day). You can also change the certificate to real rough stones (we pay the daily value in carats) and you can sell the stones on your own. Remember you need the legal papers for your country that you are allowed to import rough gemstones. We are allowed to export to most countries in the world. But we do not know the laws regarding diamond imports in every country and we do not give advise. This is up to you (our member). The safest way is to store the stone with us if you are not sure about the laws and the paperwork. Otherwise you may get problems with your local institution who controls imports. On our new website you will find more information about our new partnership certificate.

We are having 2 new office location's and we going to be incorporated in Burundi and a 2nd country in the next 2 month, because the partnership certificates are issued from our new office. Kenya has new taxes on rough stones and once our diamond export license in Kenya needs to be renewed (in 7 month) we have to pay 21% more taxes. So to avoid this, our new headcounters (and export certificate country) will change. We will still keep our office in Kenya for support and visits. And in the end nothing will affect old members. Also the lower profits in our weekly and monthly plan are just applying for new members who invest when our new site is online! Sorry for the late update...

Anyway the head of trading of the Private Diamond Club should be back on Monday! So if I promise a news update Monday... think the African way... It will be online Tuesday :), also the last part of our tin trading video will be online next week. All the best to all Private Diamond Club members...
Best wishes

Lars von Oldberg
[email protected]
The Private Diamond Club Limited

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