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As usually last week HYIPNews.com couldn't do without our educational articles concerning HYIP sphere. What was really special about last week is that we gave a lot of advices on HYIP investing and online money-making. These advices will surely come in hand during these hard times for the industry. In the middle of the week we talked about things that every market player should know about online investing. And the rest of the week was a bit philosophical as we wondered and tried to find the reasons why people keep on investing into HYIPs against the odds. All the articles named above can be read following the links:

Eigeline Network: up to 10% per week
And remember, dreams come true

One of the major problems of the week was a long-lasting downtime of several HYIP sites, some of them are still unavailable such as Private Diamond Club. Lions Society and BestEthanol are already online. The situation was caused by Hushhosting having issues on their main server center 1. Details as well as our concerns as to this downtime can be read here:

Despite the summer season and the height of HYIP crisis new programs keep appearing on the market and some of them may well become a decent change of HYIP giants gone. Among newbies of the week are AckeWorld and BullInvest. You may take a closer look at these interesting projects by reading the following news:

Orbis Trends - Smarter Profits
0.5% - 3.47% daily with trading

Along with new born programs come the closed ones which failed to answer expectations of its members. Unfortunately this list is bigger than the previous one as we have as much as four HYIPs closed or on the edge of closing this week. They are OilForexTrading, SevenStarProfit, SolidInv and Profit Stars. Why did these projects collapse, what did their admins do or not do to ease the situation and what options the former members have regarding the matter – all that and a bit more can be found in the corresponding news below:
As to the main event of the out-going week it is surely the long-expected StrictPay update. It was released by the administration of StrictPay on the 14th of July and was immediately spread all over the Internet. Unfortunately this update appeared to be far from optimistic. The administration of StrictPay has sent an enormously long message informing among other things on that this issue is not being resolved for at least 12 months as a best case scenario, and possibly up to 24 months as a worst case scenario. It also includes a lot of other information so we recommend you to read it in full following this link:
Lastly we would like to present you an article published just yesterday. It says about ways of making profit on referrals, to be more precise how to earn referral interests. In this article we talk about basic concepts of this earning and its principals. In the nearest future we will tell about technical aspects of this activity and ways to earn. Meanwhile learn How to Make Money Online by Building Donline:

OilStructure: 5 stages of growing profit starting from 2% daily

Keep your eyes open and good luck.
See you next week.
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