Updated: 02/12/2009 10:00
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After a strange silence on the news that last month reported about European Commissions findings that Microsofts of IE to Windows

After a strange silence on the news that last month reported about European Commission's findings that Microsoft's of IE to Windows “harms competition between web browsers, undermines product innovation and ultimately reduces consumer choice”, Mozilla Corporation at last stepped to the stage and joined European antitrust watchdogs' grumbles.

Last week Mozilla's chairwoman and former CEO Mitchell Baker posted a blog in which she expressed her sustaining last month's preliminary findings by the European Commission. Baker stated that there is “not the single smallest iota of doubt” in the correctness of the EC's position towards Microsoft. In January European Union's executive body announced that it gave Microsoft eight weeks to respond to its findings obtained during a year-long investigation it launched after complaints from rival browser maker Opera.

Baker noted that an effective measure would be very favorable while ‘a poorly constructed remedy' can result in adverse effects. She said while Microsoft's browser supremacy had been halted by the rise of Firefox, Mozilla's product remains just ‘a single anomaly' which cannot be considered as a significant achievement as long as it proves that there are no opportunities for others to create healthy, competitive, or innovative systems.


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