Updated: 09/28/2011 11:40
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The admin of a shortterm program IMakeMoneyNow , that has just recently joined HYIPNews, sent out his first newsletter to investors informing that...

The admin of a short-term program IMakeMoneyNow, that has just recently joined HYIPNews, sent out his first newsletter to investors informing that the program has been operating for 10 days already. Dave thanks all clients of the program for participation, posting positive comments on forums and recommending IMakeMoneyNow to others. He asks everyone to keep supporting the project because it is very important for its development.

Just recently a live chat support has been implemented for easier and faster communication with investors, so you are welcome to ask your questions there. Of course, I decided to check its efficiency as I always do, and despite the fact that the icon said that support was “online”, it was unavailable. Maybe it's just a temporary problem, we'll see. In the newsletter Dave also decided to answer some questions that investors keep asking. Here they are:

When will I get paid after I made a withdrawal request?
Answer: IMakeMoneyNow pays every 24 hours according to a counter located on the main page. If you request a withdrawal before time expires, you will get paid exactly at 00:00:00. However if you request your payment after a timer resets, for example when it shows 23:02:50, then you will have to wait for 23 hours.

Is it safe enough to invest in programs like IMakeMoneyNow?
And here is an answer from the admin: “Well, I have to say that you have a good chances to earn some money here but to lose as well. Anyway, autumn is the best time for hyip investing, thats why I can freely say that its definitely worth trying at this moment.”

If you like this program, you can join it with $10 and choose any of the offered investment plans. IMakeMoneyNow has six plans for you: 104%-133% after 1 day, 108.5%-170% after 2 days, 124%-300% after 5 days, 152%-650% after 10 days, 220%-1300% after 15 days, 990%-2944% after 32 days. Deposits can be made via LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney only.

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