Updated: 08/06/2010 13:43
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Recently we have noticed a program located at The program offers 10% after 10 hours. Actually 5% would be pretty real for our sphere. But 10% is too much. Furthermore these tough money-making specialists have a lame site. They should have invested $100 in their fabulous 10% after 10 hours plan and use the profit for ordering a decent site. Forget the site…Their hosting is free. And a very popular one, as it turned out…


The above programs are hosted on this hosting. Anyway these are the programs we know about. All of them offer different interest rate including pretty adequate as 3% a day. All sites have been created on the same principle and seem to have the same owner. We decided to contact this owner and wrote him at "". And … we got a reply.

In bad English the admin of offered us to add his program to our catalogue. He promised to pay directly to our LR right after addition and start paying interest already after 5 hours. We surely refused cooperating in such a way. Actually we don’t add such programs to our catalogue. They obviously don’t pay and are clearly harmful. Moreover the admin seems to have been sending template messages as he sent another one asking to add him.

The funniest thing is that in a few days we received a letter from a person asking to add And the author of the message was the same guy from ( They offer 30% referral bonus and pay 105% after 1 day.

If you check all the sites listed above you may see some of them are already not paying. The rest will follow this sad example in the nearest future.


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