Updated: 08/18/2010 10:01
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Due to summer season our readers don\'t report about scams so much. Even our service ASK HYIPNEWS.COM (you can ask any questions regarding any program...

Due to summer season our readers don't report about scams so much. Even our service ASK HYIPNEWS.COM (you can ask any questions regarding any program and to get a qualitative support with its help) is not attracting many people. However, there are some reports and we have received about five of them this month. And it should be noted that they became more informative and specific. However, for some reason they are full of errors and inaccuracies.

Well, today we have received an interesting scam report from one of our readers. And let me explain why we find it interesting. When we receive warnings about some projects turning scam or delaying payouts, the first thing we do is making a little investigation to find out as much as possible and not to mislead our readers. So, here is the first part of email:

“I invested my money on this site. www.ultra-income.com and they said money would be transfered at most 12 business hours after withdrawal and I withdrew on the 9th of August 2010 and today is 17th of August. Stil havent seen a sand in my liberty reserve account...”

So, we started checking this website and found out that it does not exist. It closed a long time ago and now its domain is left in history. It closed in 2007. However there is another program with a similar domain http://ultra-income.net/, offering crazy interest of 2,000% after 1 day and 4,000% after 2 days! Of course it is not true.

And here is the second part of the email:

“...The same with www.incometime.net who said 1 day to return 200% but today is the 9th day stil did not see a pin in my account. I dont know if they are scams. thanks”

This program does not exist either. And it was closed a long time ago as well as the first one. However, again we found another program www.incometime.biz offering unbelievably high interest (200%-300% after 1 day).

Well, I told you it would be interesting. Maybe our reader is lost in time or he simply got the domain names wrong and meant those two programs which we found.

Anyway, we thank our readers for any alerts and thanks to this letter we found out about two programs which you should never invest in! And they are ultra-income.net and incometime.biz. Both of them (meaning the ones we found) are implemented on the basis of standard engines and template design. We do not think that their Support Service work and they pay out. So, the scenario described by our reader is likely to completely match with the scenario which will happen when trying to make money with these HYIPs. Be careful.

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