Updated: 08/26/2010 14:48
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Today we have received a mail from our regular reader about problems with Bull Invest (bullinvest.net): “bull invest https://www.bullinvest.net...

Today we have received a mail from our regular reader about problems with Bull Invest (bullinvest.net):

“bull invest https://www.bullinvest.net does not pay me ,I have a pending withdrawal since Aug 20.it has already been declared scam by many monitors...”

This information confirms the data obtained during monitoring bullinvest.net. Delays in payments have begun a few days ago and the status of the program was changed to ON HOLD yesterday. Having analyzed the situation and investors' comments we came to the conclusion that the program had been making selective payouts. Therefore the status was changed to NOT PAYING. It is now clear that the project is closed and it can be placed in the SCAM section.

The project was launched a month and a half ago and has been monitored by HYIPNews from the beginning. You should not invest in it in any case. If you check other HYIP monitors you will still see paying or waiting statuses, but it is not a secret that some HYIP monitors lose a track of events taking place in HYIP world, therefore make sure you look at reliable HYIP monitor. Be careful.

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