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The review being on the agenda today is quite ambiguous. Well, if to be more specific, the form of companys activity is not so ordinary

The review being on the agenda today is quite ambiguous. Well, if to be more specific, the form of company's activity is not so ordinary despite many other projects. To overleap, it is very perspective. And it is named as the High-frequency trading, which is not so common in the US and I guess it may gallantly be called the trading of the future.

Flamanta is the first company presenting such investing opportunity online. What makes it so unusual is that in high-frequency trading (HFT) many things are done with the help of a soft and computer. Programs running on high-speed computers analyze market data, using algorithms to utilize trading opportunities. It is characterized by extremely short position-holding periods. Well, actually I felt a bit range far and wide, so let's get back to our mother lode.

On the Web site of the company you may find useful 'step-by-step' tutorial, materials about HFT, the history of the company, read about the referral program. Speaking about support, you have options of contacting through online consultant, writing an e-mail or by making a call. The futuristic design has been made with unique script, which makes the site handy and easy for surfing. It is secured by SSL and DDos protection launched. The server is hosted by one of the very best performing companies in this sphere with Dragonara. Accepted e-currencies are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

Speaking about investment opportunities. They can be described as classical HYIP plans with the only difference in the name. Flamanta has called them - 'investment funds'. The total number of plans is 4. They are all long terms!

The first plan's name is The FTBS Fund, it is calculated as at 150 business days with interest rate at 1.72% a day. So you will manage to get your income 5 of 7 days a week. The principal does not get returned here so your total and final earnings will be 158%. Which is 58% of profit. The minimum investment amount in this plan is dramatically different from other proposed plans and reaches only 10$. The second plan FBHS Investment Fund offers you to invest starting from $600 with interest rate of 1.78% and identical duration of 150 business days. So to reach the break even point you will have to wait for 56 days.

The last two plans are for the pretty penny investors. The FFTC Fund offers you to invest $1800 and to reach the sum of $3510 in 160 business days this time. So if to count that would be 1,84% daily income.

And at last the flagship of Flamanta Company - The FFET Fund. With minimum investment sum starting at $5,600. What makes Flamanta so different from other programs is that they do not limit the max sum! The daily return and duration here is a bit higher than in previous 1.92%/180 business days. The finish up sum including your initial capital will be 345.6%!

Flamanta is the registered company with postal address in Cyprus. It is viewed on a few monitoring systems and has a small Alexa rank. Still is not so familiar for new comers existing only for less than a year, but being already awared by many.

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