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It is very important for our team of investmenttargeted portal HYIPnews that our readers become the experts in HYIP industry. And potentially get to...

It is very important for our team of investment-targeted portal HYIPnews that our readers become the experts in HYIP industry. And potentially get to know about each perspective HYIP available in the industry and sure thing it should be the rule which we try to keep up with. We try to provide you with tailored reports of a new promising and potential projects, that we notice. And so, our today regard is the new comer of the industry named (Inwolton Investments LTD).

So the main characteristic features of the Inwolton is that they offer you to find out more about trading, providing different financial books, articles, statistics and more some over, as for example working reports of company's trades or Forex news. The second feature which has amused me most is that they claim going into Forex trading. But the most interesting thing is written on the front page and it says that if you get off with the project, you will actually become the stockholder of the company by purchasing the shares! Have never seen such a possibility in HYIP yet! But I hadn't found the direct possibility to buy shares in reality, there is no information on the site of the company and only a part of the questioned is been disclosed. Been anxious with that task, I mailed Inwolton and asked my questions. Besides, I had the possibility to check the work of their support center. I didn't actually receive any responses after two days of expectation. But I did not surrender and delivered my question to the live support service, which as they state work 24/7.

As I'd been waiting for the answer from the staff of Inwolton, I managed to make some search on the Internet. And finally found the testimonial of one of the investors, who had managed to possess some shares after making his investment into the project choosing from the plans presented on the site. The next logic question occurred to me. How is the profit charged? I got an answer from live support in an hour. And it retraced the system of payouts.

The project got its robust inner market platform - ITP. The first action you need to commit in order to receive a profit is to purchase some shares. If there are no any available online at the moment, you need to buy them on the market (ITP) by choosing among the offers presented. Also you need to get acquainted with investment plans. According to them, you have to choose the fund which shares you want to buy and thereafter get the part of the profits, which the company will trade on Forex. According to our latest correspondence, 'Felicity Fund' is the only one of plans left. Also I recommend newbies to read 'FAQ' section, which is a really conclusive one.

Another remarkable feature I have noticed is the statistics. It is presented on the main page of the project and as far as I have understood, it displays the total amount of money been invested in the project.

While looking at 'About us', you can find the certificates section where you can find out with the legal address, the owner's name, the total number of shares etc. The history and information about the company is also available there.

The referral system is simple and allows you to get 5% from each share of your referral. But you should keep in mind that if you buy shares on the ITP, your sponsor won’t get any ref commission. Speaking of the choice of e-currencies I must get wise there aren't many options. They are Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money only. We'll keep a track of their news to see if more payment processors are added.

The site itself is made with the unique design and you can find all necessary information in quite an easy way. Some of the new features simply please the eye (as the site is the reconstruction of an older one). And it is clear that the new script is not cheap.

I have also found the rating of investors' credibility on some HYIP monitors and it was already one of the highest among new projects. Almost all monitors showed that the program had been online for 80 days and it already had a 'paying' status on 13 of 15 monitors and the two left showed a 'waiting' status. Hosting information says that the site is hosted on Dragonara with three more years to go, which is in fact, a very good sign. However there is no SSL encryption at but DDoS protection is enabled. As for the support, you can contact Inwolton via e-mail, phone, live chat and contact form. The Alexa rating shows the result of a bit less than 400K, which is not so high since the project hasn't been online long enough.

So we can only wish a Good Luck both to the administration of Inwolton, as they have done really good and impressive job elaborating the project and to investors because we hope they will multiply their initial capitals!

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