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Lea Gao has recently posted a video which depicts a typical administrator. He makes terms, puts forward demands, whines and complaints. Frankly, the...

Lea Gao has recently posted a video which depicts a typical administrator. He makes terms, puts forward demands, whines and complaints. Frankly, the typical administrator is really like that. Do you think that HYIPs make millions and generously share them with HYIP monitors? Do you think administrators do not want to cheat us too? They surely do!

Personally, I am absolutely not surprised that the typical administrators are in charge of every other HYIP. Personally, I understand that it is difficult to treat monitors with respect and patience considering the fact that 90% of them work on a very low level. But I can not make up my mind to it and concern with understanding the fact that the man who promises to make millions for his clients can't afford to pay twenty dollars!

The administrator runs the project which makes a profit of 2% -5% per day and he doesn't have $20 for services! Specifically he has them but he is not sure whether it is effectively to spend them in this case. TWENTY dollars! This is not about advertising contract for $10k or even for a $1,000. It is not about a one-time service, in which it is impossible to change anything if you are wrong about your choice. It is about monitoring which will last for at least a year and includes a lot of related activities. If we divide $49 (this is the sum of our administrative fee) for 5 months of work, we get $10 a month.

And the administrator says: “I'm not sure that you are sufficiently effective”. In other words, I have so little money for promotion and almost no understanding how to succeed, that I can afford to pay only for specific investors from specific sources. Because without those investors, my pyramid will not grow. In other words, any investments with delayed returns are unreasonable and such a sum as $20 plays a role.

I am extremely against the position of some admins of HYIP monitors, which state that if HYIP can not afford their services, it is not worthy to exist. It's blackmailing and extortion. But this fraud is used against fraudsters and it seems like it is the only way to deal with them.

Free script, template design, a little imagination and some efforts – these are the ingredients of success for the majority of cheaters who escape with the first $100 invested in their projects. Sites have become better recently, admins use more fantasy and they have to spend a lot of time in live support but the principle has not changed. They just run away with the first thousand bucks and not a hundred.

Monitors can be added one by one and admins pay for them using the deposits of first investors. Advertising? When more money is invested. Marketing? If they are extremely lucky. Such projects are shut down because of being offline for one night, a negative review or complaint to the payment system. How can such projects be recommended?

In the name of the industry of high yield investing, in the name of security of investors and their money, we should not give way to poor HYIPs for anything and never. We, as a monitor, of course can not serve as a criterion for assessing the solvency of a HYIP. Meaning we can not pursue a policy of sifting projects based on the purchases made on our services. And we will never blackmail anyone. But I promise that our readers from now on will be always and without limitation informed about all poor projects which are not capable to work qualitatively, can't think strategically and do not have adequate means to guarantee success.

I am asking our readers to be attentive to the WARNING type of news and to the WARNING keyword. Be attentive to all the news warning you not to invest in one or the other project. It might not be written: BEGGAR HYIP. But beggary has many faces: lame live support, problems with hosting, no DDoS protection or no SSL, even low-quality design are all manifestations of one problem. We will analyze them, think over and publish regularly. There is much work ahead, but I am sure that there should be more order in our industry, more principles, more consistency, more predictability, dignity and ... more profit. Your profit, dear readers.

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