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A detailed report on development was released by the administration of WeltonTrust (weltontrust.com). This program has been online for three months...

A detailed report on development was released by the administration of WeltonTrust (weltontrust.com). This program has been online for three months and has managed to attract more than 6,000 members and 3,500 of them have become active investors. According to provided statistics, the average deposit amount is $3,700 and the largest deposit that has been made is $1,100,000 (wow, turns out that HYIP industry attracts even millionaires :) ). The payment option that brought most funds is bank wire transfers through which more than 75% of total amount of funds has been invested. However, deposits via e-currencies are much more numerous, of course. WeltonTrust accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay.

Investors at WeltonTrust are from 67 countries and most of them are from United States and the second place goes to United Kingdom. Approximately 55% of users were referred by users who registered earlier. By the way, in the recently sent out newsletter it is reported about business deals made by WeltonTrust:

This week we invested in two new private offshore programs in the fields of offshore reinsurance and promissory notes. We covered promissory notes extensively in our blog and weekly updates. As for reinsurance, or captive ,insurance programs - these are the companies, mostly in Bermuda, engaged in minimizing the risks of parent onshore insurance companies. Due to absent tax burden in offshore jurisdictions reinsurance companies receive high premium on their insurance policies, which is also augmented by using various leverage schemes. The profits offered by these programs are very substantial, and we find ourselves really lucky to be able to be part of them.

The next announcement is about the addition of internal transfer feature. In nearest future the administration is also planning to accept deposits through credit cards. There will be more new features in the future which will be announced later. Read a Presentation of WeltonTrust to find out about its investment offer and other details.

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