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You know, we have received a great newsletter from Signaltraders ( It informs that everything is going better than expected, a...

You know, we have received a great newsletter from Signal-traders ( It informs that everything is going better than expected, a great support is provided on more than 30 forums, the team of this HYIP works hard to make it the best program.

The administration of Signal-traders asks all investors to post their payment proofs on forums and reminds:

“ ...Remember that those who have purchased the forex signals service , have a personalized advice via messenger with one of our traders to answer all your questions... ”

Well, what can we say? The administration seems to care a lot about investors and the development of their project. BUT!

The site of is unavailable. We have warned you before about this program: Signal Traders Is Not Live

We told you in this news that Live Support didn't work and we wrote a mail to the administration. And guess what? We haven't got a reply yet! I don't know what is that super support they are talking about but If the program is lying about it, what can be expected from it? We haven't received a response when everything was good, why would they start answering when everything is bad? has been unavailable in some areas recently and now it is unavailable in almost all regions in the world. Of course, it might be DDoS attack, but it does not change anything. You have to stay away from them because your money is not secure here. This HYIP has problems, there is no feedback, this HYIP is a LIAR.

Another program which is impossible to reach is AvanishTrade ( We have also tried to analyze it, to check their support but it wasn't working.

So, our theory that silent HYIPs are dangerous is true. Always check the Support Service working capacity of HYIP before investing in it!

UPDATE (10/9/2010): Currently the site is fully accessible. Unfortunately, official comments about a potential causes of local inaccessibility of the site are absent.

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