Updated: 09/21/2010 18:22
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closed scamThere is a quite common and popular type of programs that pay hourly in HYIP industry. For example, or Regarding the, it is already clear that they were able to last for 22 days. has been operating for 15 days, according to official information, but I doubt that they actually pay 500% per hour. has been offering only 0.2%, which is 4.8% per day, which is not too high in general. But now their goose is cooked, as the saying is. has started making delays and has got several NOT PAYING / PROBLEM statuses. It is unlikely that this project will go through it. And we, of course, will learn a lesson from this situation.

First of all, let's think about the probability of succeeding in such projects. I will be frank with you: hourly HYIP is a bull shit. More precisely, this is a kind of game where the chance of loss is approximately 95%. Minutely HYIP (and there are such HYIPs out there as well), is approximately 99.9% loss. However, if the project offers you less than 1% per hour, it is a game that might be played for some time. Chance of loss here is about 80%. But be on the alert. If the program has already worked for 7 days, your chance of loss increases to 90% and after 2 weeks is equal to 95% ... so how did manage to operate for 3 weeks?

The answer is very simple. And it is “marketing”. They had an advertising campaign, they bought banners and therefore had worked longer than any other project of its kind in this field. Longer than many projects of an "express-HYIP" type. Let's call them "express-HYIP". They are not even short-term, they are super-short term. However, it is also fun :)

Of course, despite the fact that these programs add interest every hour (or every two hours), it can often be withdrawn only once a day. However, if you can pick up your profit right away, do it every hour. Keep in mind that HYIP is not that kind of investments where you invest money and quietly wait until someone will deliver your Larbogini. So do not wait, once you want to invest in such project. And I think comments are irrelevant for those cases when you can have 500% after 1 hour.

P.S. Again I would like to draw your attention to the fact that is currently having quite a lot of complaints. And despite the fact that, and still consider it a PAYING project, most likely it is not so. One of our readers, hyiphunt is very worried about his colleagues (online investors) and asked us to warn as soon as possible:

"plz notify it in your next update so atleast i want to help new members from losing their money".

And that's what we are immediately doing. BE CAREFUL. And always think about other investors. Once you have a problem or difficulty, you are not happy or feel that some HYIP must be disarmed, in this case is always here for you. The information published on our pages is widely available through search machines (thanks to our PR). And any warning can save huge amounts of deposits. Be on the alert.

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