Updated: 09/22/2010 17:01
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GOBRecently, we have published the news informing that David was having problems with the possibility to withdraw money from Genuine Online Bank ( You can read this news here: David Against Genuine Online Bank and AlertPay

Today we received an official response from the representatives of GOB. You know that any program that is mentioned in our news, has the right to challenge any of the facts, but also can have an affect on our conclusions (and conclusions of our readers). We are pleased that has decided to use this right. This may somehow affect the solution of the problem with their investors.

The fact is that all payments, which are now blocked (including David's payment) are blocked by AlertPay, according to the representatives of GOB. Here is their most important comment on the situation: “ All of those members who claiming that we are scam, have problem with Alertpay, Not us. For example few days ago, One of them has contacted us and said why we have blocked his Alertpay account!!!! So, How we can block any alertpay account?! “

The thing is that AlertPay is aware of the specifics of HYIP industry and the peculiarities of projects' functioning in this field. Therefore, they actively regulate the activities of high-yield investment projects. It's true. And the administrator writes about this: "We have separate verification of every payment with AP.We have such a strict process with Alert Pay because of AP policy." explanation imageHowever, it should be checked whether AP is really applying such sanctions to and whether there is evidence of these actions. We intend to contact AP in order to verify this fact.

As for the problem, because of which David started the "dispute", the situation was clear right from the beginning. David did not wait for money accrual, did not manage to contact the administration and filed a complaint. The administration, of course, is outraged over this and wonders: "I see on your news tab, you have mentioned that his payment has NOT been activated for 2 days! Because in deposit page through alertpay we have provided that all payments through alertpay usually be activated during 2-3 business days due to AP policy.He had not waited and had sent dispute, However he might have contacted by us, But no contact (email, phone, online chat ..) "

But the administration must understand that in high-yield investment delays with feedback and any delays are unacceptable and if there is at least a possibility that a person might not be able to get through or might not get your answer right away – you should not feel offended. Of course, "dispute" was too mush, but it should be understood.

But now, obviously, there is only one question. Is it true that AlertPay has blocked all transactions up till September 30? The admin of GOB sent us an official note from AP: " Based on your industry type, account age and transaction activity, all payments you receive will automatically be put On Hold for 10-30 days". As I have already said, we will check this information and we hope to be provided with additional evidence. However, if the problem is really in AlertPay, I do not see how the administration of GOB can help David and other investors, alas :(

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