Updated: 09/23/2010 10:27
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There are some programs which manage to stay in HYIP industry for a long time. And Ezprofit (ezprofit.net) is one of them because it has been online...

There are some programs which manage to stay in HYIP industry for a long time. And Ez-profit (ez-profit.net) is one of them because it has been online for almost eight and a half months, offering different types of investment plans. But the administration of the program does not want to stop and has decided to introduce another plan. Well, it is always great when program develops and makes new offers. This one seems really great as the return here is so high that you can make lots of money with the help of this plan. But, unfortunately, such great news is not always for the best and this new plan is extremely risky. Here is the full text of program’s update:

“ Private Placement Plan Launched!
We offer a NEW investment plan "Private Placement plan which pays 15%-20% daily for 30 days. Total 450%-600% return and your pure profit is 350%-500%.
This plan wil be closed at anytime once the units are sold out. 1 unit = $500.
We guarantee all of your invested fund in this plan. You have nothing to lose. Only 50000 units available. Once the 50000 units sold out, Private Placement plan will only available again in year 2015. “

Actually, this plan is divided into three: Private Placement Basic (min.$500-max.$4,500 and 15% interest daily), Private Placement Advance (min.$5,000-max.$24,500 and 17% interest daily) and Private Placement VIP (min.$25,000-max.$50,000 and 20% interest daily). So, as you can see, you are required to invest a lot in order to make an investment and therefore you risk losing a lot of money.

The reasons for starting such plans are usually the same and we have written about them many times. There are two main reasons. The first one, is that the administration of Ez-profit needs more funds in order to pay out existing investors and keep working and the second one is to gather as much money as possible and to disappear. Well, only they know what the reasons are and it is up to you whether to invest in Ez-profit.net or not.

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