Updated: 09/30/2010 11:12
Hyip Monitor looks at programs from all sides including members area while studying various programs. We register in HYIP and start analyzing everything: operating, functionality, design and we also test its ability to pay (with the help of our deposit). So, we got interested in a project called DIN Investment ( about a week ago. They have a solid, attractive design, but very high interest rates (6.45% per day). Therefore, the deposit was not made and the project was under observation.

And we got really surprised when a few days later received a mail informing that our account had been credited with 20EUR referral commission. We checked and it was really true. This amount of money was really on our account and it was possible to withdraw it. We have entered the account number of our PrefectMoney and found the answer: "You must have at least one active deposit before you can withdraw funds."

The minimum deposit in this program is $2, so it seemed strange to me. Firstly, of course, referral commission was accrued by accident. By mistake or intentionally, but it was not because we posted a link somewhere, or were promoting the program. It is strange to forbid withdrawing referral fee without having an active deposit considering the fact that the minimum deposit is $2 in this program. They could allow at least those which at least twice as much as the minimum is. But such function does not exist. So this whole thing seemed to be fraud to me. Or, if not fraud, then quite an accurate and ingenious marketing ploy. Of course we did not make a deposit. The administration of the project has refused to comment on this situation. Therefore you should make your own conclusions.

UPDATE (05/10/2010): is closed project and NOT PAYING now.


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