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PYInvestments ( is a program which was launched two weeks ago. The administration of this project has sent out a newsletter today...

PYInvestments ( is a program which was launched two weeks ago. The administration of this project has sent out a newsletter today informing all its investors about a unique opportunity. This special news is about a 100% deposit bonus for all new deposits. So if you are not an investor of this program meaning you have never made a deposit before, you can use this opportunity today, as the administration recommends. The requirement is to deposit $10 minimum and in that case you will receive a 100% bonus. The only thing is that this bonus offer is valid only for today.

Well, the offer is attractive, of course. But let's try to understand what the program is. As I have already told, it has been online for two weeks (or 15 days if to be more specific). It is presented on some monitors with either paying or waiting status, however the list of monitors is not long. The design of a website is interesting before you enter the main page. The promotional and advertising campaign is not active. There are 5 plans for you to invest and they offer 1%-2.9% but it is impossible to understand the details of investment plans because I couldn't find those details on the website.

So, let's say you want to make a deposit in The first thing you look at is obviously investment plans. You can see them on the main page but not all at once meaning the picture of every plan changes every second. Which means you have to either memorize the info while it is changing or to write it down quickly. That is why you start looking for a page with investment plans but you can't find it. So, you go to a FAQ page and that's what you see:

“What Investment Plans Do You Offer?
We offer 5 different investment plans, each with different perspective and objective of investment, risk exposure, rate of returns and minimum and maximum investment limits. You can find a detailed overview of the investment plans offered by us on Investments page. “

But as I have already mentioned, there is no such page on the website. That is why I wanted to contact the administration of PYInvestment via their support service but it was offline. I had been waiting for a long time before publishing this news, however no one had appeared online. Therefore I can't advice you whether to use this great opportunity and to invest today or not but all I can say is that it seems to be very risky. It is your choice.

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