Updated: 10/05/2010 18:05
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The administration of Investsmarket ( has been consistently sending out the mails informing on different additions since the day...

The administration of Investsmarket ( has been consistently sending out the mails informing on different additions since the day when the program was launched. We published news about the addition of the list of forums on the website: InvestsMarket on Forums

So, the next news from the program was about a Twitter page:

Follow us in Twitter -

Well, it was a good news because the communication on the market is very important and Twitter makes it possible to inform about fresh news quickly. We also have a Twitter therefore we know how convenient it is and you can always follow us there.

The next official update concerned the addition of statistics page:

Now you can see the full statistics of a site. Quality charts show details: in total investments, all withdrawals etc. Also you can see your percent of profit and our percent of profit. The statistics is updated some times in day.

You can find the link to those charts on the right side of the main page in a box called quick links. The statistics page is well-designed and very useful for investors.

Then we received news about the addition of phone support:

Now you can ask questions using phone. Phone support works during certain time. You can see operating time on page of contacts. Also there you can will familiarise with rules of phone support.

You can find a phone number on the top of the main page in the right and you can find out operating time by clicking click here. So, that's a great news too because it is always easier and quicker to solve some problem in such way. However, you should keep in mind that phone support at is implemented only for answering general or technical questions. If you have any questions regarding payments (for example, deposits or withdrawals) you have to ask them only via online chat or an offline form. So, as you have already understood there are three ways to contact the administration currently and they are phone, online chat and offline form.

And the last news which we received from was about the page of partners:

Page of partners is added. On this page you can see our partners in other countries of the world. Ask them any questions on investments.

The partners of the program can be found on our partners page which is in quick links box. There is one partner on the page at the moment and it is some company in Malaysia.

Well, I want to say that it is always good when programs try to develop and the most importantly when they pay and InvestsMarket seems to be doing both. The program has been online for a month paying constantly. It is presented on many HYIP monitors and has a paying status on all of them. There are two investment plans offered. The Standard Plan will bring you up to 1.5% daily for 84 days and the Premium Plan offers up to 2.5% daily for 63 days. InvestsMarket accepts LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, AlertPay and Bank Wire.

We think the project is quite promising and good-looking and are waiting for new updates from the administration.

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