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Husm.biz has been closed. It had operated for 760 days and closed. And it had been actually paying out from 1.5% a day. That's quite a lot for it not...

Husm.biz has been closed. It had operated for 760 days and closed. And it had been actually paying out from 1.5% a day. That's quite a lot for it not to remain unnoticed. That is why we have a reasonable question: Had it really WORKED all that time?

Let's start from the beginning. Where did the number "760" come from? >From GoldPoll. It says: "lifetime: 760 days, monitoring: 716 days." The second figure is confirmed by two other HYIP monitors and they are HYIPInvestment and HYIPexplorer. On each of them the monitoring term is absolutely identical to the term specified on GoldPoll. In addition, Husm was monitored by Bakster and STF HYIP monitor. And here you can find the most interesting information. That's what is stated on STF: "Added: Nov 3rd, 2008, Closed: Nov 15th, 2008!" HYIPexplorer confirms this information and it closed Husm even earlier, on November 11, 2008.

Why is it on the 10th position on GoldPoll? Explanation lies in the description of the program. Jeff, the administrator of GP wrote: "Husm HYIP is trying to restore their activity. Please visit http://blog.goldpoll.com/2010/06/22/husm-hyip-is-going-to-restore-their-activity / for more details. " If you follow the link you will read that Husm.biz came back, decided to return all money to investors and therefore got its position on GP back and a WAITING status for a week. But in fact, that information was written in June! Has Husm.biz returned money? Not really. At least there is no evidence of it (but there are negative comments). Has status of the program been changed? Yes, yesterday, when the site was gone, it had a Problem status, but now GP shows a WAITING status again and we can only wonder why ...

Was it an unsuccessful attempt to get money back or successful attempt to deceive? The question needs to be answered but in my opinion it is not fair to report that this project had returned 650% and worked for 760 days, especially considering the fact that Husm is not a novice. Domain name was registered on October 16, 2008, apparently a few weeks earlier before the first phase of its work (look at the data on STF). Then the project was closed (according to STF) but the domain name was extended for some reason. It happened in June 2009 and in June 2010 they returned to pay out debts (by the way e-Gold was used at the time of their operating and you have to know e-Gold transaction ID and other info in order to get your money back) ... It is very romantic, isn't it?

It remains to add that the business is not closed. Husm.biz is on a server at number as well as Businesssucceeded.com, Commercefavored.com, E-cashwave.com, E-invertir.com, Emyinvestment.com, Endlessprofits.biz, Net-profits.biz, Obmco.com, Online-investments.biz, Sdrainvest.com, Suinvest.com, Worldinvestservice.com. I'm sure that a very fascinating story can be told about each of them but we will postpone it for some other time.

UPDATE (19:05): Site is availible again! And it is PAYING at GoldPoll!! O_o

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