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Our recent experience of writing Large Review was not quite successful. Of course, it was the first attempt to write Large Review but I was hoping for a better result. I want to remind that the aim of our Large Review is to evaluate HYIPs components of success in order to determine the degree of its riskiness. The more points the program gets, the more likely that it will bring profit. The maximum number of points is 100. Our goal is to ensure that the program which receives 100 points will definitely bring profit after the publication of the Review, meaning 100 points = 100% probability of making a profit. However, there is such thing as force majeure in our life. Neither calculations nor different factors can have an influence on it. Such situations are worth 5% or 5 points out of 100. Therefore theoretically possible maximum of our Review is 95 points.

Today a charming project called SafeDepositary is on our surgical table having not only a serious focus on success but also some pretty original innovations. Let's analyze them.

1 issue: HyCapital Funds Large Review. 57+5. Closed after $32.16 from invested $100 returned.
2 issue: SafeDepositary Large Review. ???. Not Deposited Yet.

The design of an investment program does not have to be beautiful. The design of an investment program has to be qualitative, meaning balanced, thought over and accessible. Online investing is actually not a beauty contest; however online investing is an online job and programs website is its office. Well, no one really evaluates the design of companies offices before investing in them but we have to do it in our field. Programs website is programs face and one of the components that can not be hidden or faked, and anyone can see it and make conclusions.

The team of SafeDepositary has created a fairly simple site in a classical style. There is a horizontal menu across the width of the site, as well as a vertical menu in module on the left (subsections). There is also a duplicate menu at the bottom of the website. On the top you can see a panel, which displays the status of your session. In user section there is also a set of options under a horizontal menu where you can control your finances and content.

It is much easier to assess the attractiveness of projects design by watching our video review. As you can see the design of the website is not just unique but is also performed at a high level. The logo and design elements make a great impression and are a complete system, which is a very good sign.


There is a description of the company and its activities. Each plan (fund) also has its separate description. The brochure in pdf format is also available for users. There is a news section with an archive (the average frequency of updates is twice a month; it is done regularly and stable). It is very important that there is a section with testimonials and more importantly (and good) that it is implemented on the principle of voting. Almost anyone can post a testimonial and very many investors use this opportunity. I like this feature as an investor and as an analyst.

There are 25 answers in FAQ section, most of which are not just informative but even interesting. FAQ section at SafeDepositary is almost exemplary. An Affiliate Program page shows informative illustration and a general description. In general, there is nothing superfluous on the website; however it has everything you need to understand what SafeDepositary does and how it operates. They did not post information about the field they work in and did not post anything that would be boring for a HYIP investor. The website is decent and its content is qualitative. I could complain about the disposition of some elements of the navigation and I see a few other things which could be done in a different way but thats just my subjective impression and I dont have any claims from a professional point of view. Well, why do we give 13 out of 15? Because there is always something to improve. I find this great because a continuous operating of HYIP is also concerned with different kinds of changes, therefore if the administration has an aim to operate for a long time, they will have more improvements to make.

If we had decided to evaluate each criterion on which the success of the program depends separately, then our review would have lasted forever and the effectiveness of evaluating various components would be blurred. Therefore, security and usability are in one group in our review. As already mentioned in the latest release, such components as DDoS protection, SSL connection and easy navigation can be implemented very easily (many hosting providers sell them by default) but they provide such two important parameters like security and convenience. Therefore, according to these parameters, it is possible to gain all 15 points and SafeDepositary gains 15 out of them.

In this case it is easier to say what SafeDepositary does not have. SafeDepositary has almost everything that is generally used by modern high-yield online projects. Almost everything (!). The only feature that came to my mind, and which is not implemented at SafeDepositary is SMS verification. However, this is just a minor fact, considering that there is DdoS protection (Dragonara), SSL, a dedicated server, a virtual keyboard, IP filter / IP detector tool (allows you to set different sensitivity and different ways of notification), Guard Card (special codes that you enter when you request the withdrawal of money). Moreover, the SMS verification at SafeDepositary is actually going to be implement. However, even without this feature a set is so full-fledged, that there is no need to desire anything else. Moreover, they have a calculator! Oh, I love those calculators so much :)

You will have a positive impression right from the first step, after the registration. Little information is required for this process and you should register at least in order to look inside. On the right of the picture you will see a menu for creating a deposit. There you can choose the level of compounding for this deposit. Below you will see a picture which displays the active deposits. It can be seen in which fund the money is invested and which level of compounding is chosen. In the right column you can see a contract for this deposit (it will be discussed below). There are also other buttons for controlling your deposit, including such important ones as the change of compounding level "and" reject deposit ".

The great thing here is that statistics (account activity and plans) is given in the form as in the picture, meaning very clearly. Administration of the project did not bother creating an impressive and solid tables with charts (although charts are also present on the front page), they simply made this information useful and usable. By the way, charts are another advantage and added point to usability. In general, we can talk about this characteristic forever. I think everything is explained by giving 15 points.


The verification of WhoIs info could bring 5 points to a project last time. This time we decided that 5 points for WhoIs criterion is too much, considering the fact that this criterion is calculated separately. "Good" information should not bring more than 4 points to a project, because the same information using which some accounts are registered in e-currency can be used in WhoIs. This criterion is not so important for it to influence the success of the program, just like the number of payment methods, therefore we give just 4 points.

The domain name has been registered till 2015 and all information is hidden. This situation can be called like this: could score extra points, but did not want to.

For this criterion we also give less points now. Instead of a maximum of 20 points we now have 18 points. 2 points were taken away considering the influence of the market situation. You know, it happens that investors like the program with two plans which offer 10% per day. We could have lower it to even 15 points but we also evaluate affiliate (referral) program, and the influence of this factor is difficult to overestimate. For example, the implementation of the affiliate program at SafeDepositary is the best in the market in my opinion. 18 points is possible to get only for it.

Judge for yourself. Firstly, it is a multi-level system (you get the commission from the first, second and third levels of your downline). Secondly it is very profitable (average commission in the market is 5% and at SafeDepositary it is 8%). Thirdly, anyone who wishes to promote the project is provided not only with all necessary materials but also with a separate page on which you can add your contacts and choose a method of promotion (!). Such level of promotion is called representation. You'll probably start having some obligations. For example, if you chose to promote through social networks or marked that you would support customers via Skype, then you should do it. And at the same time your bonus increases. Instead of 8% commission you'll receive 20%. I think it's worth it.

If you decide to become a representative of the company, then you can easily get to the section and if you are always online, then you may well add the list of your referrals with those people who come to you from the site! And it seems like it is fairly simple to become such representative.

By the way, if you become a representative and you have referrals, then in the admin area you will find another advantage. All referrals are divided into groups according to the level. In general, SafeDepositary apparently decided to offer investors an additional way of earnings (other than a passive way), and this task is handled really great. Affiliate Program is implemented not just as accompanying marketing component but as a full-fledged subproject. Well done.

There are 4 investment plans in the project. Here is a summary chart of their parameters.:


� Virtax Fund Rovasion Fund Orston Fund Grand Fund
Daily interest rate 1.6% 1.8% 2% 2.3%
Minimum deposit $10 $1000 $5000 $40000
Investment period 150 days (Mon-Fri) 150 days (Mon-Fri) 150 days (Mon-Fri) 150 days (Mon-Fri)
Deposit payback Yes (150 days) Yes (150 days) Yes (150 days) Yes (150 days)
Premature closing fee 30% 30% 30% 30%

The structure of the plans is original because of several details. Firstly, $40,000 minimum in Grand Fund. Secondly, $1,000 minimum in the second plan (usually the second plan is introduced for deposits of $500 and more). What does this say about? About the audience of the project and the main purpose. Both components should have a very positive influence on the development of the project. A long and qualitative work should raise investors' attention to Grand Fund. However, they do not infringe upon interests of small investors. The daily interest rate of Virtax Fund is at a level above the average. In general, the plans are balanced and thought out perfectly well. A bonus for investors and an advantage is the possibility of premature withdrawal, a penalty for which is only 30% of your deposit.

SafeDepositary accepts AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and Bank Wire. This set is absolutely sufficient and adding other options would not affect anything. Of course, many people believe that the more payment processors are used by the program, the more verification processes it went through, the stronger it is and the longer it will operate.

However none of the programs with a wide range of payment processors has not confirmed this assumption by its performance. Vise versa, a number of programs have achieved great success accepting only PM and LR. Of course, a wide range of payment processors is a positive factor and has an influence on investors. Therefore, we decided not to give SafeDepositary a maximum amount of points in order to once again state that the project has a potential for growth and for gaining additional weight.

Now SafeDepositary is present on almost 60 monitors. Moreover, it is on such important for success monitors like,, Is it an advantage? Of course, it is. However, the direct effect of the monitors is negligible. 90% of all organizations operating under the name "HYIP monitor" are absolutely useless and don't do anything. That's right, they just do not do anything.

However, it is very important for investors that the program is monitored by many sites. Therefore, a presence of many monitors is good. And if the program has a lot of monitors, we give it 8 points. This is 1 point less than the maximum in the previous Large Review (monitors continue discrediting themselves) but it is still quite a lot. We decided that for a "sufficient" number of monitors (about 30) we will give 5 points, for a usual amount (about 10-20) 3 points and for a small amount - 1 point. It is important, of course, to consider which monitors are included in the list, but it's a different story. SafeDepositary is exemplary in this case.

Apparently, the advertising campaign of SafeDepositary is ahead. Anyway, we have not noticed that the administration is actively promoting its project using banner ads and reviews/interviews. Most of the publications and information that we have been able to find using search engines was published at :) A good sign is that there are no negative reviews or publications. In addition, we are perfectly aware that many projects succeed without active promotion. The main conditions are stability and consistency. The support service of the project is represented by two offices and two Live chats, which have been tested and which really function. There are sometimes some delays in case with support via email but the responses are always received without fail.

We should also mention about such important feature as the contract. We decided to take a look at it in this section because we believe that documents are a form of communication with customers. The thing is that you can get a contract after the deposit is made. A file with the signed contract appears in the column with the active deposit. The contract provides information about the amount of your deposit as well as obligations of SafeDepositary. It says how much you will earn at the end of the period. The document is signed by the President of Safe Deposit S.A. Looks great. Of course, it is better to look at it in our Video Review (live), however I'll also publish a small version of the contract here. I do not know, if this contract printed on your printer has a legal force but this is at least something. At long last, this is an obvious respect for the client and care about the order. Everyone is fed up with the clone F.A.Q. texts and a thousand times stolen TOS. Therefore the idea of a contract at hits the mark.



We did not have a "current popularity" criterion in our previous publication of Large Review. Of course, this is an important criterion but we thought that it would be okay to include it in the "overall impression". However, it is very important how much popular the program is now. If it's hyper-popular and is at the peak of its development, it is hardly a good sign. If it is not popular, it's bad too because such project is unlikely to have a lot of fans. Besides, the popularity of the project is an important indicator of how the project is accepted by the market. If investors are not going to invest in high-yield investment projects, then no matter how highly we appreciate the approach of creators of a HYIP, the entire calculation may fail.

SafeDepositary is not very popular now but it is in the perfect position to win this popularity. Statistics on traffic as well as activity on forums helps understand that the project is only gathering pace.

Considering the fact that experts estimate the average chance of earning in high-yield investment field at around 25-35%, it could be assumed that the average criterion would be exactly this amount of points. Meaning if you take into account all programs operating in the market and "weigh" them, then the average program would get only 25-35 points. As you can see, SafeDepositary has much more points but even despite this, there are a couple of features to add.

The system of testimonials is originally implemented. This is an additional advantage. They have an extremely informative security center (, which is another advantage. And they have a contract that is implemented very cleverly and clearly. This is another advantage.

I do not know how in fact the Affiliate Program offered by SafeDepositary will work but the concept is wonderful. The page with information about the referral program, the page with a list of representatives (RRP) as well as the mechanism through which you can easily become one of the RPR lay the foundation for a huge potential of this program. Of course, this mechanism has not been tested yet and they have only 1 representative right now but it looks promising. Force majeure in this case comes down to the intentions of the administration, the situation in the market and to the usual problems like DDoS and different actions against the administration.

As we can see by looking at all evaluated criterions, the project is very well balanced, meaning it did not gain a large or a small number of points on some parameters. All their components are equally strong and it will be interesting for me to watch their successes. It will be even more interesting to see how much fair the hope that this program really has a 83% probability of bringing profits is. So what kind of result do we have? The result is almost a sure-fire project and even if you do not believe in this calculations, you should not doubt that this is one of the strongest projects of recent times. Personally, I'm going invest my money in SafeDepositary without a fear of losing them.

  • DESIGN & CONTENT: 14 of 15 (93%)
  • WHOIS CHECK: 0 of 4 (0%)
  • PAYMENT METHODS: 5 of 5 (100%)
  • MONITORINGS SERVICES: 8 of 8 (100%)
  • CURRENT POPULARITY: 6 of 8 (75%)
  • OVERALL IMPRESSION: +8 of 9 (93%)

TOTAL: 86 out of practical 95 and theoretical 100

1 issue: HyCapital Funds Large Review. 57+5. Closed after $32.16 from invested $100 returned.
2 issue: SafeDepositary Large Review. 86. PAYING Invested $100 at 10/28/2010

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