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The title of this news is translated as: HYIP is dead, HYIP game forever! Le roi est mort! Vive le roi! With such words people in France were informed about the death of one king's reign and the beginning of another’s from the windows of the royal palace. And today we inform you about the death of one king and the beginning of the reign of another one. In principle, we could easily skip the word "jeu", which is translated as a “game”. After all, HYIP and HYIP game are the same ...

HYIP and gambling have been compared for a very long time. Several years ago, Ecommerce-Journal began to apply a keyword "investment game" to HYIP. Recently, the concept of HYIP being a game has been used a lot by bloggers and chatting in the forums investors. This is not surprising. Such an approach disclaims responsibility and ultimately turns HYIP into a roulette.

If you think of investing as of a game, you will not get upset in case of loss. However, in this case everyone forgets that if you treat investing as a game, your chances to win will come down to luck.

Philosophers might say that everything in our life comes down to luck but why don’t we consider life itself a gamble? Many people have been actually thinking like that for a long time. However, you should keep in mind that much in this life depends on you in the game called “life”, in the game called “investing” and in the game called “HYIP”. All you need to extract from the phrase “HYIP game” (or the investment game) is a philosophical attitude to the loss and understanding the high risks. And that’s all. This phrase does not mean anything else.

Stockbrokers often call a trading on a stock exchange (and ForEx trading) “a stock market game” or “market speculation”. Predict a trend or predict a result - that is the cherished goal of any trader of exchange commodities. Of course, they all try to define it but actually a successful trader is the one who does everything possible to learn the art of determining the right deals and not the one who actually determines the correct deal. And this art requires considerable investment of labor and is often not quite easy to learn. That’s how those who show a stable result work. Those who earn millions on investing and trading. That’s how a system is established. Only hard work is a guarantee of success.

I hope that your opinion about HYIP, as about a game does not mean for you that there are no objective laws in high-yield investment field. Because only those people who do not know about those laws and do not understand the sequence think it's a roulette. Of course, if you invest using a principle of a roulette (meaning blindly), then it is actually a roulette but if you make efforts and make up your own principle for determining successful deals, then it is a business. However, I wish both types of people to be always in profit.

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