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We have just recently published our first survey and now we write the second one. The next (third) review will be published on Tuesday and the fourth one next Friday. In such way you will constantly receive all information appearing on blogs during the week.

Okay, what is everyone writing about and what is happening in information environment these days? First of all, of course, they wrote about the closure of UniteTrade (unitetrade.com). Some of them made excuses; others were mocking those who were making excuses. In general, the disappearance of UniteTrade passed fairly unnoticed. There were some claims that the closure took place due to some personal reasons but we do not believe this information because there is no evidence of this or explanation. I am glad at least that UniteTrade administration will make "a return of funds", meaning will pay a part of stolen funds. This is good because it is always better when there are not so many of those who lost money.

It seems like the story of another significant project called OnyxInvClub (onyxinv.com) has also come to the end. Their rating page has disappeared and payments are not instant anymore. Actually, many monitors have already changed the status to NOT PAYING, and therefore have drawn a line under the history of the HYIP which operated for 400 days. 144CashAds (144cashads.com) and WorldPrivateFunds (worldprivatefunds.com) continue developing. Regular updates from these projects ensure frequent appearance and regular mention on the pages of blogs.

FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net) has become an object of reviews and also the administration of this project has made a decision not to pay referral commissions to not upgraded members. TerraProfits (terra-profits.com) also got a review and added a German version of the site during a week (by the way, this is not the first review of TerraProfits, there are three of them now).

Another project, which has also been a hero of review this week, is CazaInvestment (cazainvestment.com), which has added SolidTrustPay and Bank Wire as payment options. AssetManagement is gaining momentum (at least 2 reviews are coming) as well as InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com) that continues actively adding monitors and strengthening positions cooperating with everyone. InvestPlatform has also been reviewed.

GroupUniversal (groupuniversal.biz) has introduced new plans but have not updated member's section. As a result, you can see different information about the investment plans on the home page and in the member area. FlaxTalk reported that EthanolB (ethanol.com) had resumed payments. This news is controversial. EthanolB has a NO INFO status on our website because we have not started monitoring the new project, and monitoring of the old program ended at the level of 172% of payments.

SeaboardHolding (seaboardholding.com) has been closed and Funds-O-Matic (funds-o-matic.com) seems to be hovering between life and death. There are few reports that they were able to solve problems with database about which we have recently written here: . However EzProfit (ez-profit.net) can be considered an obvious scam. Despite the fact that they continue maintaining a PAYING status at all (!) their monitors, quite a lot of warnings have been posted therefore this status is definitely fake.

The program called OwenFunds (owenfunds.com) has appeared on pages of different blogs this week. It will soon appear in our news as well. Kamiron.org and fxcommerceprofit.com have been compared in Ecommerce-Journal. We do not follow investment battles in each release in this journal anymore but compared projects are still bad and dangerous. In this battle the winner is kamiron.org however we recommend not paying attention to this victory. Of course, they might be better than fxcommerceprofit.com but both of them are much worse than most programs around.

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