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Hello again, I hope everyones week was profitable and that none of you had losses with the large number of fast scam short-term programs that have been popping up recently. Its always difficult to access a short-term program, one never knows if it will last for a couple of days or be the next big earning short-term program. Ill talk more about that some other time though, because today were looking at a program that is definitely not a short-term program.

Today were going to take a look at Fenix Trust, a long-term program on the HYIP-LIST that has been monitored for over 150 days. I do want to mention that this is the first Weekly Walk article I have written about a program that I am invested in, but Im going to do my best to keep my review objective and unbiased.

1.) Fenix Trust: News, Participation and Appearance (NPA)
Appearance-wise, Fenix Trust comes across as being a very professional program. Fenix Trust has an easy-to-navigate site with a good amount of information about their Forex and Bonds funds. In addition, the site gives us a certificate of incorporation in Hong Kong and displays pictures of each of the team members. An address is listed along with telephone numbers and working hours. Everything about the website strives to make Fenix Trust seem like a completely legitimate investment company. Does this mean it is? I dont know. I tend not to put much merit into such things as none of this means the company cant shut its doors and leave with investors money. Legitimate or not there is extremely high risk with HYIPs, risk that should be calculated carefully by potential investors. Its my advice to never invest money in a HYIP that you cant afford. If you were to wake up tomorrow and the money was gone forever would it hurt you financially? If so, you shouldnt invest it into a high yield investment program.

While there hasnt been a huge amount of banner advertising seen out of Fenix Trust, they have listed their program on most of the major HYIP monitors and blogs. If you havent heard of Fenix Trust, you probably havent been looking around too much.

Anyway, as far as participation and news goes, Fenix Trust has a News page that is updated somewhat regularly. Whenever there is something of importance like a holiday where payments arent being made, or a site improvement, it is updated.


2.) Program Traffic

In the above forum statistics you see the number of replies made (answers) and thread views. Doing a bit of number-crunching, we find that on average each Fenix Trust forum thread receives around 140 pageviews each day and has an average 14 posts. These numbers actually come out pretty close to yesterdays numbers seen above for each forum (+ replies / + pageviews).


In the above Alexa graph we see traffic has been pretty steady for Fenix Trust. May witnessed several traffic spikes as the program got started, and there has been a very small amount of growth from mid-July to today, but for the most part traffic has been steady. The traffic and forum activity favors the assumption that current investors are reinvesting in the program, and the number of new investors is small. The program is steady in regards to the traffic the site is getting, with investors logging in and making withdraws regularly. Unfortunately, for a HYIP program to be truly successful there needs to be growth over time. Weve seen a small amount of growth, since June, but nothing significant.
Traffic RANK: 3/5

3.) Risk Factor
Fenix Trust is a relatively low risk program, if there is such a thing in the HYIP industry. Saying the program is a low risk HYIP is an oxymoron as all high-yield investment programs are very risky. However, Fenix Trust is set-up with a low rate of return (for a HYIP), offering 0.6% to an average 2.5% daily to investors. The program is sustainable as long as there is some growth and investment into the program.

In addition to paying low returns, Fenix Trust is a fairly well known program. Investors see it as a long-term option and based on the traffic movement on the above Alexa graph, its my assumption that many investors have been reinvesting as their cycles come to an end. While risky, this promotes the longevity of a program.
Risk Factor: 4/5

Fenix Trust's total walk score is 10/15.

So, in summary were looking at a fairly stable HYIP from everything I can tell. The program hasnt declined over time, traffic has stayed stable, and I havent found any discernable red flags. Some growth in the number of investors over the next couple months would strengthen the program considerably. Fenix Trust is one of the current semi-popular programs that I fell has potential to last for a long time still and weather the coming slow months.

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