Updated: 09/23/2010 21:45
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handsDear readers, you know perfectly well that HYIPNews.com puts communication at the head of development of online investing market.Information is everything for us. That is why we have remained the only source of information about all significant developments in the world of high-yield investments for a long time. We continue being leaders in this field and we have became a full-fledged newspaper. Now we are making the next step: teaming-up all best resources, best specialists and best high-yield opportunities under the same roof.

Now our partner-network consists of 9 sites and continues growing. The first achievement on the way of this development is freelance authorship of the talented and young Tony, the author of the blog called grow with usHYIPBlogger.com I am confident that you will like his fresh look at things, his balanced approach and qualitative analysis. I am very glad that our cooperation with first freelance author turned to be so successful and promising. For us it is an honor and for you, I hope, it is a pleasure.

If you are an author of the blog or just a man who loves and knows how to write, remember that HYIPNews.com invites everyone who wishes to send their news, reviews or detailed investigation and to get paid for this. Despite the fact that today I announce the beginning of a professional blogger's work, everyone is welcome. Now HYIPNews.com is not just one of the oldest information and analytical sites of HYIP industry. It is not just the only newspaper and center of informational network. It is also a place of different points of view, collective experience and teamwork.

P.S. Today www.hyipnews.com has been unavailable for some time. We conducted unscheduled technical work and apologize for the inconvenience. Now everything is okay and you can keep being informed about the life of HYIP industry.

About the author

Eric Marriam is a young writer. Even though he is not experienced he is able to make really high quality work. Eric is able to identify a problem people have and break it down, able to appeal to emotion through emotive writing, can change style of writing to cater to different audience. Eric Marriam is able to work creatively and effectively with staff and managers and despite his young age, he proved to be a clear and effective writer and speaker, committed to maintaining quality and efficiency, seeking for professional growth and development.
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