Updated: 11/09/2010 19:45
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At least 4 HYIPs must be included in today’s black list or a list of irretrievably gone programs. Unfortunately, there are more than four of them and each day up to 10 programs close but those programs, which we decided to mention in this news were more noticeable then others.

Profit-fast.com was extremely fast. 10 days of work and it has a “NOT PAYING” status. The strangest thing is that they offered a "long-term" interest. Namely: 0.5% -2.0% daily for 150 days. Such interest can make it possible for HYIP to work long enough. A large amount of money can be used for advertising and promotion. However, profit-fast.com has been closed for some reason. I’ve wanted to write an article about such mysterious closures for a long time. Does only human greed cause such closures? By the way profit-fast.com, according to some monitors, continues paying. HyipFuture.com, HYIPHALL.com and Gold-Lister.com claim so. I hope you read this information before you decide to invest with the help of these HYIP monitors.

Inno-club.com is an ordinary doubler with daily interest accrual. Of course, it is no longer okay for such projects to be called doublers, but the plans of inno-club.com started at 200% profit (within 80 days). In addition, they had a nice and simple design (meaning well customized template). We even managed to contact them and to communicate. The administrator seemed to be quite a normal person and we would have been happy to cover their development, but alas, there hadn’t been any development. Of course, the administrator has probably covered his expenses after a month and a half of work however investors are definitely not in profit.

Curiohunters.com has operated for approximately six weeks just like inno-club.com has. They had Live, in which we had successfully communicated with customer support. Then they had problems with live and now they're gone. The administrator said that they would be able to quickly fix problems with live support but this never happened.

Internationalcommerce.biz. The lifetime of this project has reached 588 days on many monitors. It had stayed on the top of the monitor called GoldPoll for a long time. And so their days of prosperity came to an end. I do not know how successful the project was but it had been in many monitors for a long time and stayed at good positions there. And it seems like the administration of this HYIP hadn’t spent much on promotion and advertising. I believe that those guys had simply gathered enough money. They robbed people and now there is nothing to remember about them. Hopefully, our readers were among those who managed to earn. It seems that it was possible in this project.

That was our list of the dead HYIPs today. I hope our readers were not investors of these projects. If some of you were or you know something about the closure of any of them, please let us know. Just click “Leave comment”.

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