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Today's review covers the middle of the fortysixth week of 2010, which is the period from Tuesday to Thursday or from 11/09/2010 to 11/11/2010. By...

Today's review covers the middle of the forty-sixth week of 2010, which is the period from Tuesday to Thursday or from 11/09/2010 to 11/11/2010. By the way, do you know that approximately 20 new HYIPs were launched during this period? Do you know that approximately in 15 of them you wont make any profit?

Openings. It is possible to determine the best of the new programs by considering related information. How the site looks, how customer service works, how the program is represented on the forum, whether the reviews of this program been written or not. Here is a list of those programs which have been reviewed / interviewed. Tetra Metals (tetrametals.com), Vetcogray (vetcogray.biz), MicroTechFund (microtechfund.com), Asset Management (safeasset.com), Flinexa (flinexa.com)

Closures. And here are programs in which it is better not to invest. The situation is still ambiguous at CazaInvestment (cazainvestment.com) and Funds-O-Matic (funds-o-matic.com). Both projects dont have good reputation. Although, the problems at CazaInvestment are mostly technical (the system of payments), so there is a possibility of a successful solution. GroupUniversal (groupuniversal.biz) is still online but no longer pays. In the middle of this week they had a brief period of resumption of work but eventually everything ended by closure.

YesInvestment (yes-investment.com) introduced the plans which seem to be the prelude to closing. Anyway, they offer a suspiciously high and unexpectedly attractive terms. According to the terms of YES Promo Plan Yes-Investment.com pays 7% -15% daily.

Events. TerraProfits (terra-profits.com) added Russian and German versions of its site. FelixFunds (felixfunds.com) has a counterpart now, called the same name. You can see it at thefelixfund.com. The admin of FelixFunds reported that he has nothing to do with this project.

HYIP Blogs. Money-news-industry.com has updated its monitoring page. Now it looks more original and informative. The voting system is very convenient. Anyone can vote there.

Blog, forum and monitoring MNO had an interesting poll. The question was as follows: Who will survive in 2010 and continue into 2011. And here are the results: 1. OilStructure (oilstructure.com) - 50%; 2. CherryShares (cherryshares.com) - 25% 3. Flamanta (flamanta.com) - 14% 4. PawnShopFund (pawnshop-fund.com) - 9% 5. RedOrchidInvest (redoinvest.com) - 1%. It is interesting that the percentage distribution is almost the same as the percentage distribution of the audience of these projects and their current popularity. Meaning promising and new projects were not supported because no one knows about them yet. Therefore the value of these results is questionable.

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