Updated: 11/22/2010 20:00
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One of our agents has posted on our forum a list of programs investing in which is not reccommended: , ,

One of our agents has posted on our forum a list of programs investing in which is not reccommended:,, and

We do not know what made our agent warn against investing in CherryShares and EarnPlaza (both programs do not have problems). He just probably sees potential danger in their success and development stages. However, we know for sure why he warns against investing in Pawnshop-Fund and Avfinance. You can read about AVFinances here: AVFinance Has Crossed the Line. And we will tell about Pawnshop-Fund in this news.

Such projects as PawnShop-Funds are not closed after 80 days of their operation. They work for 100-150 days and they may even work longer. However this project does not pay now. There are many reports informing about pending payments and we can also confirm this information. Several our withdrawals have pending status and the reason hasn't been explained. Be careful.

By the way, recently a project called Vodapex ( has sent out a newsletter the main idea of which is: "You will be pleased to know that any investments made from today will be doubled. This offer is necessary to get everyone on solid grounds again." Of course, this is a lie. The “Rate Us” page on the site of this closed program leads nowhere because their status is NOT PAYING.

Hourly-Instant ( is the program which we considered closed. However it looks like the admin of it is not going to stop. The site came back (apparently it did disappear for technical reasons) and continues stealing investors' money. It is better to stay away from Hourly-Instant because this program is very dangerous.

The websites and are still operating without any problems even though they do not pay. Some monitors apparently show their status as positive. That is why it is very important to search for information about the programs before making a deposit. Apart from searching in Google and on our website, you can look at our section of working with agents: HYIP Forum (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant). A lot of useful information and timely warnings are posted in this thread.

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