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The program which we are going to review now is called InformalInvestors. It was added to our catalog at 8 days ago

The program which we are going to review now is called Informal-Investors ( It was added to our catalog at 8 days ago and now it is time to introduce it. Informal Investors is a web-based matching service for investors seeking investment opportunities and entrepreneurs seeking capital. It was launched two and a half months ago which means that now is a great time to analyze its development.

Investment Plans. The program Informal-Investors offers four investment plans. They are all different and you can choose one to your taste. Principal is included in all of them.

  • Daily Plan: 1.6% daily for 90 days (144% total). The minimum amount to invest is just $5 which makes this plan affordable for everyone. The maximum you can invest in this plan is $2,499. As you have already understood from the name of the plan, you will receive your profit every day (7 days a week).
  • Weekly Plan: 12.5% weekly for 12 weeks (150% total). The minimum deposit is $250 and the maximum is $2,499. You will receive your profit every 7 days.
  • Biweekly Plan: 27 % biweekly for 12 weeks (162 % total). The minimum required amount of deposit is $750 in this plan and the maximum is limited by $10,000. Your profit will be added every 14 days.
  • Monthly Plan: 58 % monthly for 3 months (174 % total). This investment plan has been designed for those who are willing to spend from $2,500 to $10,000. The profit will be paid out every 30 days.

As you can see, the investment period is the same in all offered plans (90 days = 12 weeks = 3 months). The difference is in the required amount of investments and in terms when you can withdraw your money. Of course the plan in which you can withdraw your profit daily is the least risky one however, it is also the least profitable plan. Most investors choose this plan but if you are a risk-taker and it is not a problem for you to withdraw money not on a daily basis, you should definitely choose more profitable plans. The option of compounding is available at and you can calculate your profit depending on the chosen percent of compounding in a member area once you are registered.

Referral Program. Participating in different affiliate programs is a good way of making some extra money. The referral commission at Informal-Investors is 5% and you can find referral links in the member area.

Payment Options. The list of payment processors accepted by Informal-Investors is very impressive. You can use Liberty Reserve, AlertPay, PerfectMoney, GlobalDigitalPay, EuroGoldCash, Pecunix or CGold. Such a variety can be rarely seen in HYIP industry therefore it is an obvious advantage of

General Website Features. The design of the website is good and customized. The menu is not full and some necessary pages for investors (for example, FAQ or “rating” page) are not presented. The account registration is simple and not time-consuming. Informal-Investors provides such website log in security feature as IP sensitivity detection. Whois details of the program are privacy protected.

Security Features. is DDoS protected and SSL encrypted. It is hosted on a dedicated server As you can see, the website is secured well enough.

Contact Methods. You can contact the support team of Informal-Investors by submitting a ticket on “Support” page. There is no live or phone support, however, the support team responds to emails quite quickly, therefore your questions will be always answered.

As I have already said, Informal-Investors is monitored by and can be found in our catalog: The program is discussed on HYIP forums and is monitored by an average number of HYIP monitors (all of them show a “Paying” status). We wish investors of this project a lot of money and the administration success.

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