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Whenever you start writing about a new project, you try to find something distinctive and special. You look for information that you can use in order to start a story about this project. However at PandaTrade EVERYTHING is interesting - its name, design, plans, interest and terms of work. You probably have so many questions that you do not know what to pay attention at in the first place. Let's find out what the official representative of Panda Trade thinks about it.

HYIPNews.com (HN): Tell me please, what should readers of HYIPNews.com pay attention to in the first place while getting acquainted with Panda Trade? :)

Panda Trade (PT): We think that each person who wants to become a client of Panda Trade should firstly understand the philosophy and corporate values of our company described in the section Company history. We earn on stock and foreign exchange markets and provide this opportunity to other people. Actually, we open a new epoch of online investing.

Practically we would like to advise all the investors to pay attention to the convenience of our service. And even the most fastidious investor can choose from 7 investment funds and find the best solution for him or herself.

Unfortunately nowadays there is a great number of fraudulent companies that work dishonestly. Actually they destruct the investment market by abusing and even ruining the confidence of clients in real investment companies. We aspire to recover this confidence and show people that they can really earn on Wealth Management. To do this they need just to choose a respectable and trustworthy company.

HN: What is the full name of your company, what is your position in it and your work experience? We would also be very glad to know your name.
PT: If by words "Full name" you meant our full legal name, our company is called Panda Trade Ltd. My name is Howard Romahri, and I work for this company for more than two years, starting from the launch of the project. I am a professional marketer and I deal with everything related to the introduction of Panda Trade into the market. From the very beginning the administration of the company gave me free play to build the promotion strategy and today we see the results of this approach. We have managed to build an image of a respectable company and we continue to gain a reputation of a stable professional online investment company.

HN: What is the story of your professional growth? Why and when did you start working at Panda Trade?
PT: I have gained my first experience in the Internet marketing when I worked for MySpace. Later I was invited to one well-known payment system, and after that I came to Panda Trade and still work here. And you know this job is the most interesting for me since here in Panda Trade I met really professional and interesting people. Here I can see the progress of our company, our growth, and I think that it is the best job I have ever had.

HN: What does Panda Trade do to make money?

PT: We have published a lot of articles concerning this issue on our site. However I can explain you everything in a simple phrase. If you have a dollar you may earn one cent a day on it. Do you want to earn several hundred thousands a day? Invest several millions in business. We have just built a stable business where we together with the investors invest in stock and foreign exchange markets and earn on this.

How does this happen? Do not ask me as I will not answer you, I am not a specialist. It is a cup of tea of our traders, analysts and fund managers who make really unique things by trading on stocks and foreign exchange markets and earning profit for themselves and investors of Panda Trade as well.

HN: There are 7 investment plans at Panda Trade and the interest is not fixed in all of them. Is that right? What is the average daily interest? Is there an approximate figure of your profitability?

PT: Yes, we have 7 investment plans in total. Of course, daily profit in all plans differs each day and depends on the results of previous day trading session. There is no any average or preliminary profit ratio since none can forecast the profit. We just sometimes try to mitigate fluctuations on the markets.

By the way, very often people ask us why we pay approximately 2% and more interest a day in our GAMMA FX Capital, VEGA S&F Capital � Renaissance Capital funds. They ask whether it is possible to get such a high income. Answering these questions we usually ask people to take into account the fact that in those funds we pay back the principal deposit that is 1% itself plus daily interest. That is why we are proud that we have managed to build a profitable business model.

HN: What determines the amount of profit earned by an investor? Or maybe there are different factors (indicators) in different funds, aren't there?

PT: It is a very good question since it is really very important. We really want our clients as well as other Internet users who just want to join them to know the way the investment service Panda Trade works.

We have 7 funds managed by seven managers. Each fund is formed from the assets. When any of the investors invests in any of the funds, the company purchases a share in one of the funds for him or her. In other words when user invests in the funds he/she acquires a right for a part of assets within some fund.

Every day assets that compose the fund are being sold and purchased aiming income from the deals. So, every investor receives the same interest from his/her part of assets of the fund as the fund itself does. For example, if the value of all assets has increased by 2,3%, the investor also earns 2,3%.

The profit for each trading day is announced within a few hours after the closure of the major U.S. stock exchanges, such as Nasdaq, NYSE and other.

The only nuance is that every day the investor pays a small amount as a reward to our company and to cover service expenses, e.g. depositary's charge and etc.

Since all the funds of Panda Trade are different, the profit also differs. It depends on structure of fund assets. More information is available on our site.

HN: It sounds like a FAQ, but I have to ask it. What does the parameter "Assets available on the date of fund formation" mean? This is one of the parameters of your funds.

PT: It is a pure technical term. It means that the amount which we have invested in assets during the formation of a definite fund (e.g. buying stocks for it at the stock market and foreign currency at the Forex market).

HN: I have another question of the same kind. What does the "Depositary reward" which is in each fund mean?

PT: Unfortunately, sometimes the terms you use are too professional and we have even received questions from our readers regarding the "Depositary reward".
And again it is a technical term however I do not think that it will make our interview more interesting. The term "Depositary reward" means the interest we pay to the specialized depositary for executing requests for buying and selling of shares. Depositary reward is like a part of share trading business.

HN: Tell us please, how long do your plans last?
PT: We have three investment funds, the so-called composite funds, where the investment period lasts 44 days. Also we have the funds with investment period lasting for 100, 120, 180 days. More details are available here (do not forget to look through the description of each fund separately by clicking on it): https://www.pandatrade.com/funds.aspx

HN: What does the phrase "Inspire tomorrow of trading" mean for you personally and for your company?

PT: This phrase is a part of our philosophy, our vision of the future. It means that we aspire to build our business in a way allowing us to anticipate the future of trading, e.g. to be always one jump ahead of other investment and financial companies.

HN: We, at HYIPNews.com believe that there is some rally in the market of online investing now. However, the representatives of some investment companies have stated that the volume of investment has declined. Is it really so?
PT: Financial crisis has passed, and we see this from the dynamics of our business. We constantly get new partners and representatives, the number of our clients grows and actually I do not understand what decline you are speaking about. Our assets are growing, business is developing and we can even say that we are ahead of schedule.

We have also one more interesting trend: the number of clients who started to use the Internet more often to benefit from our service has also increased. Now we see an increase in investments made by bank wires. Also we evidence that the number of countries our clients come from is growing as well. All these facts speak well for the supposition that trend is still the same and that the industry will continue to grow. I think that in a year the number of our clients will increase at lest sevenfold and in 2 years we will open our representations in three European cities and later we will open our representations on all continents.

HN: A Large Review of your project will be published soon and I anticipate that you will lose a few points due to the fact that your site is ... too good. There is simply nothing to improve :) Is it really possible to add anything else at pandatrade.com and to improve it?! What do you think?
PT: Certainly we will continue to improve, we have strategic plans of development worked out in our planning department. In the future we plan to extend the list of our partners, increase the number of payment processors, hold several seminars in US and UK, and to carry out an active presentation work.

HN: I know that it is possible to find a lot of official documents on your website. Why did you decide to provide all your documents to public so openly? What kind of documents can investors find on the website? Why these particular documents were chosen to share?
PT: It is a kind of strange question. We have incorporation documents and we are obliged to show them to our investors. We show everything we have since Panda Trade is a transparent company and every investor should know his/her partner by sight.

HN: What would you like to wish the readers of HYIPNews.com and potential investors of Panda Trade?

PT: I would like to start from the financial far-sightedness. Dear investors, keep in mind the fact that in December there is usually a rally on stock exchanges. And this race usually results in a good income for the investors. We are sure that in December many of our investors will be able to earn with one of our funds. Moreover, the global economy shows recovery, which means if you think about the investment business, it's time to start it now. Of course, if you start your investment activity in February of March, it will also be profitable, however only now you will be able to earn on December rush and to start the new year with a good profit. Panda Trade allows you to invest in any of our investment funds once and to get daily profit and to feel confident.

I personally would like to wish you to end the old year with success, meet Christmas and the New Year, and start earning in 2011 even more than previously. I sincerely wish you happiness, well-being and a success in both business and private life!

Howard Romahri special for HYIPNews.com
Panda Trade official website

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