Updated: 12/16/2010 17:41
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The administration of Felixfunds (felixfunds.com) announced launching of a video presentation contest. Reportedly the idea of the contest was borrowed from one of Felixfunds.com members in the course of the previous suggestions contest held by the program. As you know various get paid contests became popular lately especially in view of a definite decrease of enthusiasm in the industry so many programs are gladly holding them in order to increase clients loyalty and for increasing a program's popularity.

As to Felixfunds Video Contest, it is to be opened till 24th of December. The best video presentation made for Felixfunds will win a prize of $500 cash. Anyone feeling capable of making a professional, clear and quite a funny video presentation of Felixfunds is welcome to participate. Ready-made videos should be emailed to the program's admin or uploaded somewhere with a given link. The winner video will be uploaded on the program's youtube channel and other social networks. The administration of Felixfunds reserves the right to close the contest as soon as they find the best video so hurry up making great videos and having fun.

In case you have some questions regarding the contest here are a few clues from Felixfunds:

the video presentation should be funny as the one a crazy guy from 2012 movie made for what he thinks will happen in 2012 with a dinosaur and so on. You don't have to make a cartoon if you don't have the necessary skills but your video should surely be funny;

another idea for presentation is a guy who watches the monitor and sees how other sites scammed him and smashes his head on the computer...then he sees Felixfunds and is happy ever after...This is just a hint, don't be scared to use your imagination and make something of your own – clear and funny.

I remind that Felixfunds is a long-term program which was launched a few months ago has already drawn a lot of attention because of its original plans and other great features. As to the program's investment plans, offered payment options, security features and other info, you are welcome to read Felixfunds review written by HYIPNews.com here: FelixFunds Short Review

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