Updated: 12/17/2010 12:11
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Just recently we informed you about a new design of Makeover for LionsSociety and today we want to inform you about new updates from Lea, the admin of the project. She announces that SMS service is now functioning at This service allows all members to receive password requests, payment confirmations as well as dividend payments and referral earnings confirmations in form of instant short message to their mobile phones. This service has to be activated in the edit account area and there is a charge of $0.10 per message. You should be attentive while submitting the mobile number if you wish to use this service. Make sure it is in the right format.

Lea also informs that the Market Place where LSREALTY holders as well as Shareholders can sell their shares is going to be online soon. She says that many investors are interested in LSREALTY Shares therefore she explains the details of it once again. One Share (or Unit) costs $50 and you can sell the shares at market price in case you need to cash out. This investment opportunity lasts for 600 days which means that unlike LSHYPER and SHARES, it expires. However the LSREALTY usually records higher returns than LSHYPER and is based on in-house investments in real estate and realty management.

The next news is for the shareholders. Lea reminds that her team is about to introduce an e-currency exchange. The shareholders are already informed about this service and it is announced that all papers are in order and the remaining legalizations for this service will be in order on the launch day. It is promised that the shareholders will receive profit of 10-15% from January 2011 and even more afterwards. They will also receive a starter package on the new service. And the last news informs that LionsSociety has introduced new banners which can be found in referral area.

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