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Yesterday we started telling a story about extremely risky HYIPs that choose to advertise themselves at allhyipmonitors.com : Who Wants to be a...

Yesterday we started telling a story about extremely risky HYIPs that choose to advertise themselves at allhyipmonitors.com: Who Wants to be a Millionaire You could read about programs called Live-dollars.com and Card-funds.com as well as about monitors that show “Paying” statuses for them. There are also two other programs that drew our attention because they offer very high interest rates. They are InstantLife (instantlife.biz) and MoneyNeverSleeps (money-never-sleeps.org).

Both programs are short-term paying on expiry high-ROI HYIPs. The first one offers 122% after 23 hours, 255% after 6 days, 681% after 15 days, 1139% after 26 days, 200% after 2 days. The website is nice looking and the best thing is that this HYIP is listed on plenty of monitors (37) which is a great base for attracting investors. On its website we can see a banner of another HYIP under the sign “You banner here only $250/week” (not YOUR :) ). Well, let's assume Money-never-sleeps.org is just advertising their and has nothing to do with InstantLife.

MoneyNeverSleeps offers 128% after 1 day, 70% daily for 2 days, 250% after 5 days, 600% after 10 days, 1000% after 15 days, 2222% after 30 days. It is also monitored on many HYIP monitors (34). If we compare these two programs with those two that we talked about yesterday, we can see that all of them are very risky because they all offer very high ROI. However, the fact that InstantLife and MoneyNeverSleeps are monitored on so many popular monitors makes the risk of investing in it justified and there is a 50/50 chance of winning. While investing in Live-dollars.com and Card-funds.com is not recommended at all.

The programs of such type never work for a long time. There are only few exceptions, for example a short-term program UniteTrade that worked longer then any short-term high-ROI HYIPs ever (read about this story here). They will pay for the first time to everyone, then they usually start paying selectively to monitors in order to maintain a positive status on them and to investors with small deposits. It is not a 100% scenario, however, it is always better to join such programs as MoneyNeverSleeps and InstantLife at the very beginning (read about investing in short-term HYIPs here)

P.S. By the way if you try to go to any of the websites mentioned in the article where we uncovered the chain of super dangerous scams (like Live-dollars.com and Card-funds.com) you will see that none of them exists anymore: Super Scam HYIPs and this fact proves our theory. Therefore we will keep warning you about such suspicious programs that are advertised on poplar HYI-related websites.

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