Updated: 06/03/2014 13:33
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profit cashwheel turns into scam
Profit CashWheel reports on the closure of the project, which gained less popularity than expected.
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Profit CashWheel reports on the closure of the project, which gained less popularity than expected.

The admin of Profit CashWheel has delivered a warning e-mail to the support of HYIPNews, announcing that the program is about to quit the business. That is some sad news indeed, for it has only been 50 days online. He reported that corresponding notification about the closure has been sent to the members of the project along with the promises to refund them with the principals. At the same time, we are currently not able to complete the withdrawal from the project, due to which the project is now assigned with the PROBLEM status. The following message appears when attempting to make withdrawal:

"For Withdrawals Through This Payment Processor Are Not Supported.
So, You Are Requested To Change Your Current Payment Processor From Profile Page."

The project has not gained much popularity within 50 days online, and the amount of payouts exceeds the amount of deposits, which makes it impossible for the admin to maintain the program. Unfortunately Profit CashWheel turns into a scam and here below you may find the e-mail sent to us by Greorge, the admin of Profit CashWheel:

Just to let you know that there might be some possibility that I will have to stop the program, I have informed those members who invested money as well that I will refund them what ever short fall so to make sure those members who used their own money to invest will not make a lose.
I think that the profit will not be enough to cover profit the members as I am going into the red paying more than the income, and the income has slow down as well. Hence, I have stopped taking in money or I have refunded those who joined within the last 7 days.
This is an update which I promised you before.

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