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Only the most important things. This is the phrase which you want to say when you are entering the site of IncoForex - one of the newest programs. It has appeared approximately 8 days ago, but they have started to work in the beginning of the July. Anyway it sounds good. Besides, according to the official announcements the company has appeared in 2002 , and in 2009 after collecting sources for the reserve fund, it has appeared on-line. So, sounds really good, lets take a look more properly.

So, as usually lets start from the surface. That is the the site. As I have said in the first phrase of this view, "only the most important things". The site is single-lined. The horizontal menu doesn't have dropping subsections. There are 12 pages, but they are placed inside, as it says, in full view. From the one side it would be better if they have had lots of information, but from another side why does it need to burden the people with information?

Moreover, these empty words make no sense. There are the most important things: the description of the company, the conditions of the work, the certificate of the registration, the feedback form. There are news on the first page and responses and even the subscribing on the daily reports! The first page impressed me so much. Ok

So, what is offering the IncoForex? They are offering 7 plans. In this case where are " the most important things" will be said something unnecessary... Every plan depends on the sum of the deposit. The minimum sum is $10. Every plan is made in the following way: according to the plan the sum of the percent is changing, which is paying out from your income of IncoForex. So, your profit is decreasing. I hope we will have a chance to talk about it more detailed, but now I'm just tell you it in a simple way: 2009-08-03, the result of the work: 4.98%. If you have invested $10 than you will get 2.08% , but if you invest more than $100 000, than your part will be 3.984%. At the same time , it's important to take into consideration that sometimes the daily income is only 1%. Looks like when percent is in "minus" they are using reserve fund. Now I will not give some marks, lets leave it for the more detailed review, I just want to notice that this method is rather interesting and right. Flexibility is a good thing.

Among other usual ways of paying PM + LR, there is unexpected variant ECU and interesting variant Bank Wire. The are no information about the conditions of using the last one, but it's known that sum should not be at least $5000. They are paying automatically, 5 days a week. The deposit is available for 180 days. In the end of this term the initial deposit can be withdrawn.

The referral commission is about 5%. The site is protected and has SSL connection. That's, all necessary things. Including phone, fax, and mail address. Just need to check the paying capacity and you may take a risk.


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