Updated: 05/19/2010 13:55
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YingYangInvestment (yingyanginvestment.com) admin informs on all latest news of the program in the latest YingYangInvestment newsletter published...

YingYangInvestment (ying-yang-investment.com) admin informs on all latest news of the program in the latest YingYangInvestment newsletter published below:

Dear members,

I hope all of you had a great day!

We want to give you an open update on our progam.

We are pleased to see the forum support is getting beter now. Please keep it up!!
As most of you know a program needs the support of the members to grow AND survive.
The previous 1.5 month we had very little support and almost no posts from our 200+ members.
The only thing we had where lot's of mails from monitors etc...
We want to play this very open with you, our project need to start growing some faster from now on, there is little progress.
Don't be afraid for your money now lol we just want to give our program a small push in a good direction before we would ever reach a critical point.
Some of you might wonder now, why would they reach such a point if they are able to generate money?
The answer to that question is actually simple. We need a large amount of money in our investments to make them generate enough to pay our ROI, hosting and other various spends that need to be paid.
We addes strictpay so you are able to spend funds via that PP too.

We are not investing in advertising no more as we think it is beter to make our project work in stead of waste money on advertising. Like this only forums and monitors get money and our members would be the ones that pay them. This is actually how the HYIP world works. Those big sites are draining lot's of money from the programs, money from members.

As I told on my site, I been in this HYIP world for some time now and I have no intentions of scamming any of you, as that really sucks to lose your hard earned money. Don't tell me about it.

But realize this, I can not do this allone. I have the best intentions but that will not make this work.
Please start referring friends, promote our site, make new deposits, support us in forums, post your paymentproofs etc. as long as every one is doing something we will grow and be able to last for years and no one will lose a penny.
If we want this project to be a success we have do do it together.

Most succesfull programs are supported by many members. It is always like that.
We are here to make you people earn, you do not have to surf on our site so we hope you can do at least some effort to post on the forums or do something else of previous things I told before.

Like Kazzy and EL once did with the PAC storry, make a nice community of people who help each other etc.
Most of you will know what I mean.

Let's make this work!

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