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Please take your time to read the HYIP Informational Survey 18 published by Nicole Berger on January 15, 2011

So, the week has come to an end which means it's time to summarize. Let's see what happened in high-yield industry over the last three days. It seems that online investing is gaining momentum. Let's hope that the positive effects, especially the reduction of risks, will develop at the same pace.

Openings. West-Wood, First Money (first-money.org), Oscarfunds (oscarfunds.com), WISPfinance (wispfinance.com), MGFunds, EasyCashGrowth (easycashgrowth.com) and BetBankFund (betbankfund.com), KlickWallet (klickwallet.com), AmilloTrade (amillotrade.com).

Problems. There have been troubles with accessing the sites of the following programs this week: safeasset.com, enzexfinance.com, autosurfing PrestigRev (prestigrev.com). The latter was absent because of the huge DDoS attack which even Dragonara couldn't handle. The reasons for the absence of Asset Management and EnzexFinance are unknown but safeasset.com is now available. It seems that this was also DDoS. Competition is becoming tougher.

Events. Unexpectedly, the second week of this year has been rather passive. Most administrators have been trying to gain an audience with the help of special offers and bonuses (see above). Some programs have experienced usual at this time of year problems with DdoS, and some have tried to solve problems with funds (the amount of which is clearly not enough). Nevertheless, some updates have been released. DollarCommerce (dollarcommerce.net) celebrated four successful weeks online. The administrator of this project is also considering the addition of Bank Wire as another payment option. FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net) announced some upcoming changes in the investment portfolios and recommended registering for the newly created forum.

Leonard Coffman, the representative of Escaliva (escaliva.com), commented to us on the first week of life of his project in the following way: "I just wanted to let you (and investors) know that Escaliva have been opened for 6 days, and so far we are doing very well. There have been some pretty serious investors joining our program already and we are taking our best effort in satisfying every customer."

Contests. As we have said above, the admins try to actively use different special offers and bonuses. For example, PrimoEarnings (primoearnings.com) has announced the referral contest, the results of which will be informed on 01/24. The rules are simple: the Top 3 most active referrers will receive $150, $100 or $75 cash prize. The admin of DollarCommerce (dollarcommerce.net) has announced both bonuses and contests. Thus, they add 5% of the amount invested via LR, if this amount is not less than $500. Referral contest will end on Monday, when most active referrers will receive $100.

Agents Reports (info). Our agents have reported about one interesting project, it can be found at this address: https://gloriousfunds.com/ On this site you can read: "Our WebSite Not Launched yet. Someone Wrongly post in MMG forum.we are working on our Site and site will be launched Soon. Stay with us." Strange things happen!

Maildude33 posted a warning regarding a project called FinIntCorp. Here it is: "FinIntCorp.com which started yesterday, has pay me at 1st withdwal instantly, but my 2nd request is now pending. I've wrote a support-ticket about that and I'm still waiting the answer. I'll update if I recieve any new informations. I would say don't invest there."

Good news, everyone, - said the hero of a cartoon. 144cashads.com began to pay! We do not know what the problem was but after the holidays they resumed an active mailing and we were afraid that it would be something like a mailing that RussianOilFund regularly makes. Fortunately, we were wrong. They got out and continued on their way forward. Unfortunately, the administrator has not responded to our request to comment on the situation, therefore our readers have to guess what happened.

HYIP Forums. There is a discussion of the exchange service Exeauto.com on DTM. Specifically, there is a warning that it is dishonest. Judging by the design of this project, as well as its content, it is likely to be actually fraud. Be careful (dreamteammoney.com/index.php?showtopic=112664)

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