Updated: 01/24/2011 12:08
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One of our readers, whose name we can not say, wrote us about the services that offered him to get the money back from OilStructure and CherryShares. And who has not wondered "How to get the money back from OilStructure, CherryShares, GeniusFunds?”. We know about many of these services perfectly well. And do you know about them?

The first one is still available online and is located at The site says that you can get your money back from the investment projects, if you provide the information on your payment. Meaning the transaction that need to be cancelled thanks to the magic software called Funds Recovery. However there is no evidence of such activity. There are FAQ, positive feedback, a page with description of the product and Google AdSense. With regard to the motivation of this suspicious service, it's not a secret: The return of $150 will cost you more than 50%. You need to pay $79 and do it in advance. I proposed them to take 50% of the amount they intend to return but no one responds to my emails. Probably, they need only payments while there aren't any guarantees.

Most likely, other "returners” of money also make their living in such a way. [email protected] and are ones of them. When our reader said he was going to use these services, I warned him that most likely these people will demand compensation for their work. I told him not to give this compensation in any case without proof of executed work. I do not know how his story ended, we do not correspond anymore. However, I do not think that it is possible to get money back from a HYIP in such a way. Therefore the answer to the question: “how to get money from HYIP?” is "in no way ". Only administrator can sometimes pay a portion of your deposit as a "return" but officially and without any extra charges! Be careful.

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