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I'm sure everyone is aware of the fact that ForexCompanyOnline is not paying. It has a NOT PAYING status in our catalog: http:/...

I'm sure everyone is aware of the fact that ForexCompanyOnline is not paying. It has a NOT PAYING status in our catalog: and HYIPs do not get such a status at groundlessly. A week ago payments stopped being accrued and disappeared. You could read our article regarding problems with this program on February 3: ForexCompanyOnline Left no Doubt. Then the website got back online (there was probably a DDoS attack) and many investors of FCO expressed hope that everything would be okay in comments to our news because the administration could have simply escaped if they were not going to pay out and keep operating.

The administration explained everything and asked not to panic. They even answer emails and phone calls and seem to be very caring. The updates are posted on the website and newsletters are actively sent out, however they still do not pay. And so recently a new update has been published and sent out. It is informed that all investors' money is frozen and will remain frozen for 2 months. But! There is a way to get your money back much quicker. In order to get the opportunity to withdraw your funds with fixed limit and with the further withdrawal of all assets you need to invest 20% - 30% of your deposit:

“Deposits totaling up to $ 2000 imposed limits on the amount of 20% of deposits. Deposits totaling more than $ 2000 imposed limits on the amount of 30% of deposits. For those wishing to activate the limits, please contact them by e-mail in the letter state your name and the total amount of your active deposits. In a response letter will be sent an exact 20% - 30% of the amount for payment and activation limits. Also, you will be sent to account for payment limits on your account. Within 48 hours you will receive a unique code output.”

As you can see, is really back but for a reason – to make more money. If you wish to try your luck and do what they ask, go ahead but do not forget to post payment proofs if there will be anything to post.

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