Updated: 10/25/2010 10:13
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I'm sure all of you have already understood that HYIP world is quite dangerous, meaning it is very easy to lose money in it once you become a &ldquo...

I'm sure all of you have already understood that HYIP world is quite dangerous, meaning it is very easy to lose money in it once you become a “citizen” of it. Popular programs as well as not famous ones are risky and our task is to inform you about all of them so that you won't make mistakes. Of course, it is impossible to write about all of them on the pages of our newspaper, therefore we always help our readers when we receive emails from them with questions regarding different HYIPs.

However, not only programs themselves can be dangerous but there are many other ways to steal money that are used by swindlers. For example, some creative fraudsters send out scam emails in order to steal money, providing a link which you have to follow in order to invest in recommended program. We have received a following email:

“I believe you saw this hyip. But if you are still not a member - register now. It is not to late to make 200% or more profit in a very short timeframe. I have been with these guys since their start, and made really loads of cash now. Here they are: (here was a link to a website which we do not want to post so that no one accidentally goes to the swindler's website – Alice)”

Then we received identical email but with a different name of sender and recommending a different program. And just yesterday we found a new scam email with a different content but the same idea:

“I'm here to tell you the news, and the news is great: there are places online which can make you tons of money really fast. With so many frauds around I understand that you might be sceptical. BUT this program has made me like 800% profit in five months. They are honest and smart forex traders, allowing you to take out your profits everyday Try them, it might be a life-changing experience: (here was a link as well – Alice)”

Please, do not believe those emails and never follow those links. Always check all possible information about a HYIP before investing in it. All programs are risky but the degree of riskiness is different. You can find a list of HYIPs at which will inform you about those programs which pay and which don't, about their accepted payment processors and a lot of other information. When you find a program you are interested in, click on “detailed info” to find out more about it or at the name of the program to go to its official website. Be careful and vigilant!

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