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Even those of you who didn't try as an investment opportunity, know that administrator of this program is quite active in updating...

Even those of you who didn't try as an investment opportunity, know that administrator of this program is quite active in updating members about the program condition and news. The next update is devoted to payment processors StrictPay and GlobalDigitalPay:

For the last week, we have had our share of ˜pouring at PTV, at least as it pertains to the addition of StrictPay and GlobalDigitalPay. Some new challenges arose each day as we struggled to get the new Digital Currencies online. Again, fortunately, the silver lining arose as well. Thru the struggles we developed a very good rapport with both StrictPay techs and the Managing Director at GDP.
StrictPay is now available!!!!!!!!!!
Both these processors have a fantastic presence in this market. StrictPay has a very good customer service response. They have been very helpful in assisting us to get our problems taken care of and we look forward to a great relationship. This should be the Digital Currency of choice for all those that have no issue with privacy, anonymity and are diligent in claiming their incomes for tax purposes. StrictPay of course offers Direct Cash and Bank Wire Deposits as well as a Visa Debit card program. If those services are desirable to you, then this is the processor you should choose.
GlobalDigitalPay offers the other side of the coin. GDP, although new to this market, comes from a well managed, highly favored, extremely reputable source... London Gold Exchange! London Gold Exchange was a pioneer in the Market Maker / Exchanger trek of the last decade. LGE is a ˜Top Choice in this field, offering Fast, Efficient and Secure exchanges for practically 10 years. Their clout, stability, security and high standing among their peers are certain to propel GDP straight to the top of the Digital Currency ˜Best Picks chart.
GDP is a ˜closed book, True Digital Currency. Unlike AP, STP and SP and several others, GDP is not directly tied to the Banking Industry. You will never have any funding issues because banks get closed down or accounts suspended etc. Because they are 'Offshore' and un-associated with the Banking Industry they will enjoy a less scrutinized playing field. They are also a ˜No chargeback system which is exactly what this industry needs to be comprised of. I personally feel that GDP will quickly rise to the forefront of the Digital Currency world by providing a much needed very attentive Customer Service program, low fees, financial security and excellent management. I am truly excited to add GDP to the lineup and fully expect them to live up to our every expectation. We should have them added in 24 to 48 hours more... provided the technical pouring slacks and the rain gives way for the sun to appear.

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