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Right now we will discuss EOS Fund company (eosfund.com) It is quite new project that has appeared on our site seven days ago. Started it's online...

Right now we will discuss EOS Fund company (eosfund.com) It is quite new project that has appeared on our site seven days ago. Started it's online activity on Apr 25, 20011. EOS Fund is an investment project, risk-management and trading fund, provides flexible customer-oriented service for a wide variety of investors throughout the world markets. EOS Fund works in two directions: Reinvestment and Non-bank landing. Non-bank lending is the main course of the company. People making purchases over the Internet are the main consumers of this service. In order to obtain a bank loan, you must go through a complex process of paperwork and inspections. EOS Fund finance 99% of all applied.

The domain name was registered on 15/04/2001 and it is paid till 15/04/2012. Anyway, lets see what investment plans this company propose! Please note that each plan has three level to chose.

Plan I – 105% After 1 Day.
Starter $10 - $100 Profit 103.00
Intermediate $101 - $500 Profit 104.00
Advanced $501 - $10,000 Profit 105.00

Plan II – 112% After 2 Days.
Starter $10 - $100 Profit 110.00
Intermediate $101 - $500 Profit 111.00
Advanced $501 - $10,000 Profit 112.00

Plan III – 121% After 3 Days
Starter $10 - $100 Profit 119.00
Intermediate $101 - $500 Profit 120.00
Advanced $501 - $10,000 Profit 121.00

Plan V – 140% After 5 Days.
Starter $10 - $100 Profit 138.00
Intermediate $101 - $500 Profit 139.00
Advanced $501 - $10,000 Profit 140.00

Please note that we gave you the exact name of the last plan(V) as it is mentioned on the site in member's area.

The attention of reinvestment is focused on rapid investment in Forex and stock exchanges.

Let me tell you about the referral system. You can earn with the EOS Fund additional 5% from each investment with the help of your referral link. So, just share the benefits of this company to your friends and earn 5.00% of their income in this company.

The SSL protection is provided by Comodo Group the expiration date 22.04.2012. As for the DDoS protection – it is presented by KODDos company..

I have not seen any kind of F.A.Q. section and the terms of each plan are visible only after loggin to your member's area. There is no even live chat but you may always contact the support team via mail support@eosfund.com

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