Updated: 02/12/2011 19:08
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Today I have changed the status of programs InvesPlatforms, AbleAssets and LandBankInvest. In this news we will tell why it happened

Today I have changed the status of programs InvesPlatforms, AbleAssets and LandBankInvest. In this news we will tell why it happened and what it means.

The future of AbleAssets started being suspicious in the end of last week, when a limited offer to earn 8.5% per day was posted. You can read about it here. Despite all the ambiguity of this offer, this step could be considered a really necessary step to make. "Able Assets had a payment issue for one day and sent bonuses to cover the withdrawals that did not get sent, they have paid perfectly fine up until that day and have paid perfectly fine after!" Yes, the plan was closed when the company received the required amount of deposits. However, a few days later the website of the program was gone and has been unavailable until today. Today we have received first good news from AbleAssets: "Able Assets suffered a hardware failure at Dragonara yesterday, around 30% of Dragonara servers were offline icluding their own website, this has now been resolved and our website is now live." But the payments haven't been processed and the future is still suspicious.

InvestPlatforms, which was actively supported by some of our readers, has finally resumed payments. Yesterday we finally received a response to our inquiry and two payments of $3 and $11. The problem is that it is just part of our money. The rest, alas, is not available because the information on our balance has been removed earlier this week. Unfortunately, the rest of our profits, as well as an explanation why the history and the balance is gone have not been received. However, deposits of up to $200 are accrued with interest and profit is paid out without any problems, so the status has been changed to AWAITING.

LandBankInvest owes us two payments and has published an explanation today: "Unfortunately, we are having problems in our new hosting with some liberty reserve and perfectmoney payments. We are going to fix it ASAP. Alert pay and bank wire payments are processed normally." We tried to contact them to find out more about their problems but, unfortunately, haven't received the response.

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