Updated: 03/11/2011 15:39
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We have bad news about a program called FxOpportunity (fxopportunity.com). It seems like the admin of this HYIP is not going to pay anymore....

We have bad news about a program called Fx-Opportunity (fx-opportunity.com). It seems like the admin of this HYIP is not going to pay anymore. Withdrawals have been pending for more than 48 hours and the payment statuses on all monitors are negative and there are lots of warning reports on forums. I also want to bring to your attention the fact that the administration of Fx-Opportunity sent out a newsletter yesterday informing about a 10% deposit bonus offer:

“We offer a special bonus - 10% for all new deposits to be made. Before 12 March 11.59 PM. Attention please, left not much time!”. Do not invest. The program is NOT PAYING!

The situation is very disappointing and strange because the project had everything needed to become one of the popular HYIPs and operate for a long time. Just the day before yesterday we informed you about the addition of SolidTrustPay (read here) and it seemed like everything was going well. However, it has been online for just 16 days and has not completed even the shortest investment plan which was supposed to last for 20 days with principal returned on expiry. As you have figured out, none of the investors in this program is in profit. The admin of Fx-Opportunity has got all their money. If the payments are not resumed within the next 24 hours, this HYIP will go to a scam list at HYIPNews.com.

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