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A long newsletter has been sent out by the admin of MidasGoldFund (midasgoldfund.com). He informs that there are almost 2000 active members in the...

A long newsletter has been sent out by the admin of MidasGoldFund (midasgoldfund.com). He informs that there are almost 2000 active members in the program (after being online for 43 days) and informs that support department at MidasGoldFund actively helps investors who have questions. Apparently, there are questions regarding e-currencies and Warren, the admin of the program has decided to tell about the three accepted e-currencies at Midasgoldfund.com which are LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay:

“Starting with the e-currencies themselves. AlertPay, Liberty Reserve and Perfect Money facilitate the transfer of funds across international borders with ease. The three companies allow an offshore investment company such as ours to accept investors from any country in the world from as little as $10 to investors who are of high net worth in the six figures.”

According to him, the easiest way to invest is via LibertyReserve which is the most used e-currency in the world. It provides quick and easy funding and withdrawing process. A LibertyReserve account can be funded and withdrawn from within as little as 24 hours. Once you have funded your LibertyReserve account you can use your MidasGoldFund account and deposit funds in the program using your account panel and begin earning interest daily. Whenever you wish to turn your LibertyReserve funds into your local currency, you can exchange using an exchanger service. These exchangers can convert your LR funds immediately into your local currency via bank transfer or cash transfer services like Western Union.

And here is what he has to say about PerfectMoney and AlertPay: “Perfect Money is very similar to Liberty Reserve and works in a similar fashion. AlertPay is quickly becoming a popular choice in global investing, but takes some time when using an AlertPay exchanger to convert into your local currency. To decide which e-currency is for you and suits your needs, read through their websites at the following links”.

MidasGoldFund is a regularly paying program that offers 1.7-2.7% daily for 30 calendar days with a minimum deposit amount of $10. Principal is returned at the end of the investment term. Visit a personal forum (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant) of this program at HYIPNews.com.

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