Updated: 04/08/2011 17:37
Hyip Monitor

Greetings dear investors and visitors of hyipnews.com. Unfortunately, our regular survey of the development stopped being regular and has not been released for several weeks. But today we've finally got the chance to tell you about everything that has lately happened.

First of all and foremost I want to say that we have finally completed the work on improving our search system. A request form is on the right of every page. Now the search at our site is much more effective than it used to be. Due to the fact that our site has the most extensive database of materials related to the high-yield investments, this search can really help you develop, increase your funds and have stable income by investing online.

Try to search anything and you will see that all the found results are divided into groups. You can select the results found in certain groups: in key words, on the forum, in programs, in news or articles. You can also browse all the results in a page mode. Each new group of results corresponding to the search area is now separated by title.

I remind you that our search looks for results separately in news headlines, in texts of news, in the list of programs, in the forum, in headlines and texts of articles. By the way, a keyword search has been also added which had not been on the website. In the future we plan to make an expanded search, which will enable users to specify the search area. I recommend that you check out searching system right now to understand how much it has improved and how much more useful it can be.

In addition, we added a system of surveys on our site. Once we tried to conduct surveys, but users had to go to the forum in order to answer questions. It was quite inconvenient and we got poor results. Now we have created a system of voting on the main page and you can see the first poll on the right.

We are pleased to announce that despite the decline in HYIP investments popularity, our audience is growing. This means that investors are looking for ways to reduce risks and increase profitability of their investments. We are confident that we provide investors with such a tool and will continue developing and improving it. I wish you successful investments!

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